GameStop buys "negligible" Impulse but GamersGate asks why?

CEO Theo Bergquist of GamersGate questions why US retailer GameStop has bought the Impulse service, which he calls "Steam’s lesser talented stepchild."

They're "struggling to redefine" themselves and want to avoid becoming the "next Blockbuster." Impulse's numbers were "negligible" says Bergquist.

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BeastlyRig2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

He all in their bee wax...

Bear_Grylls2727d ago

And we all stop using impulse forever.............

Saryk2727d ago

I disagree with Theo, I prefer Impulse's client than Gamersgate. I think Gamestop bought a very good client to go digital. However if they can't get the games/software to sell in the client, it doesn't matter........But it being Gamestop I am sure they are working on it..............

DeadlyFire2727d ago

Why? umm... Steam is why. They want to make a mark as a digital retailer. They have started with buying a great client. Lots of potential with this and gamestop.

cheetorb2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

F*ck Gamestop. Much better and more ethical business out there to buy from.