( WWE All Stars PSP Review

TheDCD: “Oh, hell, yeah!” Wrestlemania may have come and gone but you still have a way of hosting some epic match-ups right on your PSP, courtesy of THQ’s latest game, WWE All Stars. Rather than take the same super-simmy route as its Smackdown vs. Raw brethren, All Stars takes a different route, one we haven’t seen since the good ol’ arcade gaming days of Wrestlefest and Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game.

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pyramid2785d ago

Sorry,played this and its no more than at least 3/5.Go and play the old wwf superstars of wrestling on arcade from 1989 yes 1989!!! or on mame(althought not as good),its still the best wrestling game,probably spent like 400 dollars at the time.They really have something to learn from the boys at Technos

Arcee2785d ago

If you notice in the review, Robert does mention those games. He doesn't say that All Stars is better than them, just that it is an arcade style wrestling game in the same vain as them.

On a personal note, I've spent more than two weeks with the game myself and I think a 4 is a fair score. It is a fun game with bits of strategy in between some matches. WWF WrestleMania: The Arcade Game is still the best WWF/WWE arcade game ever (even better than the two Technos games)IMO, but All Stars is just as fun as the three of those mentioned.

pyramid2784d ago

Good for you,but i tried wwf wrestlemania the arcade game and i thought it couldnt touch wwf superstars in 2 player mode.Even in single.I think its too messy.Animation is a mess.If technos had made one game today on that formula, im 100% sure it would have been a winner.Many of my friends agree with me.They wasted the same amount of money on it as me :)

CobraKai2784d ago

I felt that WWF Wrestlefest was the best arcade wrestler.