Wii Music revealed - and it's going to sell by the shed-load

Nintendo has finally unveiled it's long talked-up Wii music game, creatively titled Wii Music.

Apparently it has you using the Nunchuck and Wii Remote in time with button presses to contol a six person band.

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perseus3757d ago

I can't wait. This looks like a tonne of fun.

ItsDubC3757d ago

I was hoping this was gonna be more like the music composition portion of Mario Paint. I suppose there's a possibility that it may be there but right now the gameplay seems a bit like Guitar Hero.

Shankle3757d ago

It'll never be as good as guitar hero.

commadore653756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

thats almost the first thought for a game i had. move up to hit a higher note.. down to hit a lower note, wobble it side to side for vibarato, hold A to add portamento.. could be awesome. up to 8 player jam sessions, most of my friends play music and i can garuntee we'd make some epic tunes ;P

did find some homebrew thats pretty interesting for the DS though if you've ever used a tracker style sequencer. It's still in early dev but its the right kind of lines. Great for messing about on the move.

This got me looking for something.. turns out you can use the wii mote as a midi controller! http://carl.kenner.googlepa...

Might have to try this sometime soon.

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