The Biggest PlayStation Plus Month Yet (Europe)

PlayStation Blog writes: "Hi Guys, I’m pleased to tell you that today sees the start of the biggest Plus month yet in terms of the content on offer. Check it all out below and, including the mid month treats, this is by far the highest value and newest content we have offered in one month."

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mushroomwig2783d ago

I'm impressed! The Infamous 2 Beta trial sounds interesting, I hope I get in.

'Users have been selected based on a few criteria including what inFamous trophies they achieved in the original game.'

Well I did platinum that game. xD

Wizziokid2783d ago

same here, hope I get in!

dangert122783d ago

Sony went in hard with this update

Electroshocked2783d ago

Do we get picked randomly or do we have to sign up or something?

Wizziokid2783d ago

damn, it's a good month to be a plus member :D

Corrwin2783d ago

A sweet month, indeed.

80% off Penny Arcade Eps 1 and 2? If anything Plus makes me purchase less since I'm always worried anything I might buy will be cheaper in a month or 12.

SilverSlug2783d ago

Dude, PLUS euro edition kicks the face of the American one this month. I mean, are we even getting free DLC?

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