KOtv Ep. 4 - Fight for Relief, Nerfed Robots, MK Web series, Arcana Heart 3 Release Date

The 4th episode of KOtv consists of me hating life for taking so long to get another episode up, MK going gold, Fight for Relief, MK Web Series, some new added features, and the Release date of Arcana Heart 3.

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RedPawn2542d ago

Arcana Heart Releases the same day as Mortal Kombat and Socom.


zatrox2541d ago

Arcana Heart will also be the superior fighter, in comparison to Mortal Kombat.

RedPawn2541d ago

Mortal Kombat has come a long way, from it's beginnings, so it's a must.

crashedhope2541d ago

Excited for both MK and Arcana Heart! Awesome episode! ^.^

delusionownzyou2541d ago

Thanks Melonie! Sorry it took so long for ep4 >.<

Dart892541d ago

The series look's good.