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Rotorob: When I was a kid, the local pizza place had a pair of old standup video game consoles in the ordering area. One was Gyruss; the other was Rush N’ Attack. I can still remember “liberating” quarters from my parents’ change jar so that my friend and I could take turns playing Rush N’ Attack for hours. That status as a childhood favourite made me excited for Konami’s recent retro reboot, Rush N’ Attack Ex-Patriot.

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Ace_19752810d ago

20 years ago I used to play this in a arcade and a girl who I had a crush on used to sit next to me and watch me play this game. There was nothing better as a kid going down the arcades in the summer next to the beach and playing these old arcade machines.

Gaming was more enjoyable for me back then, this generation of gamers don't appreciate stuff, they moan about everything, 24/7

kasasensei2809d ago

This remake has nothing to do with the original (console or arcade), the only similarity is the big knife.
But i enjoyed the demo, i don't know if i'm going to buy it, cause i'm afraid of its length.. Some say 3 hours in veteran, which is very short in my opinion.

pyramid2809d ago

Yeah,i remember playing rushn attack back in the days(damn how i miss them).The original game is still better than this