New Galaga Legions DX Trailer

Dualshock Nexus: "Alright Galaga fans the official Galaga Legions DX trailer just released. Check it out below."

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RedPawn2783d ago

FUCK YES, on another note when is Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

Cajun Chicken2783d ago

I haven't even completed Space Invaders Infinity Gene on my PS3 yet, but I've been looking forward to this Galaga Legions DX since Pacman CE DX came out to see what spin Namco put on their own sidescroller shooter. I never played 'Legions, but I know that after Pacman CE DX, it'll be a totally different game than the original.

Is it bad that I really want an awesome Xevious after this?

b_one2783d ago

Outstanding button masher and epilepsy catalyser