MGS4 in Europe before Easter; bundle planned

From "Metal Gear Solid 4 could well be appearing in Europe before Easter, with Sony and Konami planning a console-and-game bundle as well.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe vice president James Armstrong said: "We are working on a PlayStation 3 bundle that includes Metal Gear 4 Solid and the new DualShock. We want it to hit the high street before Easter. That's what we're pushing for at the moment.""

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TheHater3573d ago

so will there be a MGS4 Theme ps3?

nanometric3573d ago

Just as I was going to buy the damn starter pack, now what am I supposed to do now!?

nasim3573d ago

You shouldnt hold your purchase

STARTER PACK comes equipped with 2 games and 2 movies. You shouldnt be missing out

HarryEtTubMan3573d ago

O man I might wait for this one... but probally not lol

goodganja3573d ago

Which Xbot would like to do the honors of burying the 360 to it's grave.

XBOX 360


Rest In Piss

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

DrRage773573d ago

lets hold off on any stupid comments like that...i will put money down that MGS4 gets every AAA title that everyone is waiting on lol

DEADEND3573d ago

The game is well on it's way for march, it is very unlikely for it to get pushed back again.

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The story is too old to be commented.