Gamertag Radio - Episode #286 - Anonymous vs Sony Roundtable Discussion

This week on Gamertag Radio:

*GTR looking for writers and why
*Anonymous vs Sony Roundtable Discussion
*Stepto's XBL Account Hacked
*Ninja Gaiden 3 gets personal
*True or False
*Anonymous vs Sony debate continues....

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Senden2783d ago

*smashes head against table*

This whole Anonymous thing was amusing and fairly original for a while in terms of gaming news but now it's getting really really annoying.. it's been discussed already in length thousands of times through on here do we really need more topics on the subject?

I call for another Kotick hating article tbh.

NewMonday2783d ago

I can see internet accesses requiring a certified ID in the future, this is where we are going, thanks Anonymous, thanks so much.

Jezuz2783d ago

that's highly unlikely since who owns the internet?

NewMonday2783d ago

ISPs would be required to match IPs with IDs

HenryFord2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

That still doesn't answer the question: Who is going to regulate such things? Who is the authority in the internet?

Generally it wouldn't make any sense whatsoever as IPs are currently matched to valid ids (since you have to actually live somewhere to which the ISP can deliver) anyways. Most likely your ISP has a huge chunk of data somewhere which indicates what IP was used by whom. This of course only to some point in the past, but generally this is already the case.

And since most ISPs want you to pay something for their services, you most likely will use a real bank-account to pay your bills. Do you know what is necessary to get a bank-account? Yes, a valid ID.

What exactly are you saying? What exactly is your angle-point? If Anon would rely on the ISP to keep their IP-associated data safe it wouldn't be Anon, would it?
How exactly do you get your Internet nowadays?

GameSpawn2783d ago

"that's highly unlikely since who owns the internet?"

Who owns the internet? Tier 1 ISPs.

Tier 1 providers are responsible for maintaining and updating the core infrastructure that allows the internet to work. This filters down to Tier 2 providers that update and maintain networks regionally. Finally at the local level there are Tier 3 providers that "sell" internet access to all the Jane and John Does of the world.

Just as a multitude of oil companies control the prices of a barrel of oil and subsequently gas prices, there are a multitude of ISPs that control access to the internet. The only reason no ISP has put their foot down and tried to censor or police the internet is because of the standard that was put in place when the internet was first created to share information between Universities and Government institutions.

But the main point still stands, he who holds the keys also sets the rules. This applies to ISPs with the Internet and Sony with the PSN among other things that it can apply to.

NewMonday2783d ago

My point is that it can be done, the main thing protecting their identity is the law ironically.

In the past companies were hurt by only losing a portion of consumers to piracy, but now major attacks are organized in  an unprecedented manner and constantly, this did not start with Sony and won't stop with Sony. It was assumed anon would fade away eventually, but their hit list just keeps growing.

What anon  is doing is making investing in the net unsustainable as things stand legally, they won't be allowed to be judge jury an executioner, with the only way to be safe in the net is to be on their good side.
Thanks didn't know that

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OldParr2783d ago

Anonymous = whole bunch of fags that can't get laid. believe me, if they were getting some pussy, they wouldn't have time for this crap.

And please, stop approving this dumb ass news

Jezuz2783d ago

If you were getting some pussy then why are you here?

Caleb_1412783d ago

Soooo your admitting to not getting pussy then?...

OldParr2783d ago

dude,I play games at least twice a week and sometimes the site does provide good news on upcoming games and it is easy for me to check on one site than several ones!! but when yo see news on a whole bunch of unproductive fags that are not doing any good to the community is because they are not getting any freaking pussy!!

and to answer your question, ohh yeah I get some pussy and a good one too

Ace_19752783d ago

Agreed, this whole thing is so gay it makes me want to quit the internet.

2783d ago
HenryFord2783d ago

Well... to call Anon "gay", "scawny little geeks" may be justified, but what exactly do you call Sony in this situation? Holy?

Sony is the fucktard in this case. Sony is the one who screwed up. Big time. And instead of realising this, maybe apologize for this or even ignore it, they go ahead and sue everything connected to the "hack" GeoHotz provided. This is downright disgusting and has nothing to do with "security" whatsoever but is a stupid, dumb and outrighteous way to limit their own customers.

I am generally happy that I am living in Germany which restricts such a policy. You can do whatever you please with your hardware, Sony cannot do anything against it. The EULA which is present when you login to the PSN-Account is not applicable in Germany as well.

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