PS3 - New TV Ad

PLAYSTATION 3 takes home entertainment back to the drawing board. High Definition movies, games and personal music can all be played on the PS3 system and the multimedia features continue to evolve over time, providing amazing entertainment for the future.

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beavis4play3601d ago

that wasn't a very good ad. i think it will confuse the consumer.

XxZxX3601d ago

only 33% know PS3 has a blu-ray.. Here's ad to tell you. Confuse?? how hard to understand.

stunt2133601d ago

Wow that is the coolest ad yet for a gaming system, they should totally play that in movie theatre then it will definitely boost ps3 sales.

MaximusPrime3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

I'm speechless. It is a fantastic advert.

It may confuse customers but they are welcome to ask question at official Playstation forums. Im a member of UK Playstation forum and i noticed some new member asked questions about PS3. We are happy to help.

After enjoying Play-doh Sony bravia advert, Sony are still making great commercial. This Tv spot is, in my view, brilliant.

WilliamRLBaker3601d ago

its a hell of alot better then sony's past adverts of sociopathic dolls, and portable cheese.

Meus Renaissance3601d ago

The grenade one beside the pool was a "huh" moment for me. But this is a great advert. I enjoyed watching it.

KOD3601d ago

i think it will confuse some people.

Tryst3601d ago

Do you really think it will show for that long? It must cost them a fortune to air that.

Either way, I thought it was good.

frizshizzle3601d ago

They'll probably cut the ad in sections.