Gabe Newell: PS3 "a waste of everybody's time" - Edge's interview

Valve Software boss Gabe Newell has slagged off PS3 calling it "a waste of everybody's time" in a latest attack on the console.

"Investing in the Cell, investing in the SPE gives you no long-term benefits. There's nothing there that you're going to apply to anything else. You're not going to gain anything except a hatred of the architecture they've created", Newell told Edge magazine.

"I don't think they're going to make money off their box. I don't think it's a good solution."

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ktchong4085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

Sounds like he's having problems working on the PS3 version of the Orange Box, and he's frustrated.

Violater4085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

He sounds frustrated about multi-core cpu architecture in general, especially the PS3 as it cannot be applied to anything else, as there is nothing else out there like the cell to develop for.
Hence time put into it will be specifically for it.

"Edge: You’ve been very vocal about PS3’s failings, but it wasn’t that long ago that you were laying into Microsoft for its decision to go multicore with Xbox 360. Has your opinion changed?"

Its all about knowing how to program for the different hardware, some people/companies are just not up to the task, some people are not willing or cannot afford to invest time into RnD.

VaNdAl4085d ago

ea is working on the PS3 version of the Orange Box not Gabe Newell

VaNdAl4085d ago

Gabe Newell: DirectX 10 for Vista was a mistake Gabe Newell Explains Why Valve Hates The mac Newell: Half-Life 2 on Xbox Was a Disappointment Gabe Newell: Xbox 360 Makes My Life Worse Valve’s head honcho and former Microsoft employee isn’t happy

synce4085d ago


th3_d3an4085d ago

who is this meatball and why should we care, if you don't like the ps3 then don't develope games for it nuff said, i am sick of this crap and it is ruining gaming.

AnalFace4085d ago

Want another cream CAKE???? The Fat B*tch... PC Nerd... Yep He Knows Nothing.

marinelife94085d ago

Who whizzed in his wheaties??

VaNdAl4085d ago

Gabe Newell talks trash

nasim4085d ago

Where Square and KOjima have praised the CELL his comments make him look like a complete fool to others

He trashed DX 10 once as well. Is this guy retarded from childhood or is he too old to learn new programming methods

Panthers4085d ago

He is one of those nerds you see in school who acts like he knows everything and is a huge critic of everything, basically bashing everything.

This guy thinks he is perfect and his games are perfect and that is it. But weighing 800lbs would make me hate everything too i guess.

JsonHenry4085d ago

This guy complains about EVERYTHING. I stopped believing him a long time ago when he complains about a product. MutliCore is the future, get over it. I can understand being frustrated with the CELL when doing multi-platform games (almost every dev complains about the CELL)but he complains so much it is just hard to take him seriously about anything.

Kleptic4085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

oh yeah this guy is notorious for comments like this...his crap started back in the late 90's when he slammed John Carmack...

he basically attacked Carmack in an interview about Carmack's development of the Quake III engine...and how allowing Carmack to create something for gaming so advanced, then sell it to other developers to utilize...creates an unfair advantage for iD...and sets the visual bar far too high...he has basically said the exact same thing about Crytek recently verbatum...

its always me me me...he has always complained about MS...always about Macs...can't stand the consoles...nothing but contempt for Linux...hates keyboards...can't be in the same room as a notebook miserable when creating video games...

the only thing that makes this dude happy is bacon...don't listen to him, and don't you dare feed him...

ip-student4085d ago

Sure Gabe has a history of speaking his mind - but he is a developer - you know, one of those people you want developing games for you. The Orange box is a AAA title - so he obviously knows his stuff.

His complaint cannot be equated with the general complaint about multicore processors - all developers hate that because it add a lot of work. His complaints all seem pretty valid though, WTF did MS provide a next-gen XBOX 360 without a HDD when the last-gen one had it? That adds nothing for developers - it is purely a business move (and a long-term mistake imo - but time well tell).

The Cell architecture is not like other multicore architectures so learning how to make it work does not help you with PC architecture. And given the problems with writing multithreaded code for things like games were so many events are dependent on other events, there is really no advantage to what Sony did. Now I like the Cell, but all the complaints make it fairly plain (unless you are in denial) that it has turned out to be a poor design for a game console. The fact that can make it work doesn't change that in the slightest.

And look at Capcom - stopped developing a game for the PS3 because the cost was too high. It has nothing to do with laziness - it has to do with the fact that if it takes more money to produce a good product then it is worth you don't make the product.

The Wii is very easy to develop for - and the graphic abilities mean you don't have to spend as much time developing artwork. The XBOX 360 is a pain but there are nice development tools. The PS3 is just a major pain.

Disagree all you want but just because a developer says they like a plaform the are developing a game exclusively for doesn't mean crap. It is only when they are developing for multiple platforms that they can speak intelligently about the pros and cons of each platform. Gabe seems to be qualified to complain, even if you think he complains too much.

MikeGdaGod4085d ago

did this guy just try to convince me not to buy his game?

The Brave 14085d ago

maybe if this guy would spend more time exploring the possibilities of the cell instead of eating twinkies all the time maybe he get somewhere.Go get Wii Fit you fat f--k!

Evil0Angel4085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

just bought myPS3 and it is amazinggggggggggggg
is there any good DL in PsN i should download ?????????

thank u thank u

PS3n3604085d ago

Man all these replies where fantastic. I was having a bad day till I read some of these. Its so fun when everyone is on side and things get lite and the jokes roll out. Bubbles for everyone. Thanks

joevfx4085d ago

i mean as much as i get pissed that he has to whine like this, when every other computer engineer ( gaming or not) says the cell processor is a monster, we cant really call him a meathead. he did prolyl make one of the best gamign engines of all time( source engine) . which led to two of the best gmaes of all time(half life and half life 2). which led to one the of the biggest online games of all time (counter strike). but yeah he has to stop whining about making games for architecture different then a PC.

randomGuyOnline4085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

That was one of the most hilarious posts I've ever read.

zapass4085d ago

"I've always dreamed of making it into the games industry but I had much more envy than talent. Look at me, there's hope, I still made it big fat with another 'doom me-too' using someone else's code, microsoft cash & tools and very little creativity. Now don't change anything otherwise I'm lost and I'll whine like a pig. I hate inovations and changes that force me to think for myself. Why can't I just drag & drop my legacy code onto new platforms and just recompile forever? Why is it so hard for me to be nextgen? Sony you bastards! where's my directx?? why can't we make quake based shooters forever? Whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine, life is so hard!"

secret4085d ago

There is one freakin xbot who's following me around clicking disagree on everything I post. The other day, I posted a comedy link that has nothing to do with games, and this guy goes and click disagree.

How do I get rid of him?

Crazy Larry4085d ago

Even though I'm not actually responding to post #1, I thought I would REPLY anyway just so I can be closer to the top of the page. Why you ask...because I'm an attention hungry douche bag who can't start my own comment line. USE THE SITE CORRECTLY LOSERS!!!!! Every one above SHOULD be commenting on post#1, but few are. Did mommy and daddy not give you the love you crave so you have to come to N4G looking for admiration and support...morons.

BlazinEurasian4085d ago

I'm sure Sony, Toshiba and IBM, 3 huge mostly successful companies are going to stop using the cell which took 400 engineers 4 years to complete. Toshiba is already implementing the cell in more products obviously these companies believe that the cell will at least find a niche.

Makroyale4085d ago

Hmm.. According to

Call of Duty 4 looks better on the PS3 than on the 360. So what he's actually saying is, his studio is not going to learn something new, they're going to do PC to 360 ports and that's it.

They didn't make a Half-life 2 for the PS2 even so what does that tell you?!?!?

They're LAZY!!!

joydestroy4085d ago

@all the fat joke comments.....

ravinash4084d ago

Its new.
What does he expect will happen in years to come with processors.
the industry is alwas looking for way to push the speed of processors to go faster. If you look at PCs these days, you can see 2, 3 and now even 4 proccessor all rolled into one. So where exactly does gabe think the industry is going.
Far from being a waste of everyones time, I expect this is a sign of whats to come.
The cell is has proven its self to the point that soon there WILL be PCs coming out with them installed...thats fact.
Either you get used to it and adapt or you die. And if it isn't this, then it will be something stop complaining.

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beavis4play4085d ago

it sounds like gabe has had some problems with sony and just looking to "get even" by bashing them.
and why is he allowing his beloved half-life to come to the system if he hates it so much?

ktchong4085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )


Bathyj4085d ago

Exactly. The machine crap and a waste of time but we made a really good game on it that everyone should buy.

You cant have it both ways.

Capt CHAOS4085d ago

The machine crap and a waste of time but we made a really good game but can't be arsed to port it to the PS3..

Any takers?

EA: Yeah, sure we are good at ports, we can handle it.. Right..

Odion4085d ago

if anyone is allowed to say something about someone else you don't get much higher up then him

Hatchetforce4085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

You don't get much higher than Gabe Newell? You can't be serious. A company that has coninued to milk a several years old franchise with few upgrades to an already dated engine can hardly be said to be the pinnacle of gaming achievement and expertise.

I am a Steam subscriber and in that regard I have been pleased with their service. Digital transfer on the PC has lagged far too long and companies such as EA have yet to learn the best manner to handle not only the initial product, but updates to that same product as well. Valve has perfected this seamless interaction with the customer base.

However, their accomplishments end there. The Source engine was a hot item. The operative word being was. The tools for that engine are atrocious and quite frankly were it not for a scrappy mod community Half Life 2 would not have survived as long as it has. How many times in how many forms can they milk the same title over and over again? Portal? A stolen idea. Team Fortress? The same. I will watch the Incredbles thank you. For someone that made their fortune riding on John Carmack's back I am amazed at the arrogance of this fat clown.

As someone that bought the Xbox version of Half Life 2 in addition to the PC version I know Gabe Newell deserves little more than my middle finger. And now they are selling the same game...again. Pushing the innovation envelope means you set yourself up for potential failure. Something Valve is loathe to do. It protects the company but on the other hand it leaves them in hasbeenland and automatically slaps a fat piece of tape across an already fatter mouth.

Simply put, if Valve were producing cutting edge technology then they might have some right to sit in the backyard and bark. As it is the titles they have out are nothing as regards envelope pushing achievements and Gabe Newell should just shut his fat mouth. It is like listening to the World Pong champion complain that HALO 3 doesn't have good gameplay or that the environments in Heavenly Sword were not varied enough. There is no merit when the area in which you are complaining is one in which your company has chosen to sit on it's collective fat ass.

Guerrilla Games has well proven the merits of the Cell processor and the advantage of parallel processing. People like Newell, who isn't a programmer, and even John Carmack remarked there would be little advantage in the Cell. Such incorrect statements were founded upon a belief that intricate parallel processing could not be achieved to a degree required by advanced modern games. They were wrong. Hell, most people in the industry had similar views. It isn't a crime. Now Newell seems to have a hard time swallowing his errors.

Newell has a history of whining about anything that isn't Windows XP. Remember this from old lardass:

"I spoke to some people at Microsoft, and as I said, I can't point to a single feature in Vista that I care about that solves problems for us. At all. And I had the same conversation with the Xbox 360 guys. It's like Xbox 360 doesn't make my life any better, and in fact, it makes it a lot worse, as you're telling me I can't count on having a hard drive," said Newell.

Funny how you don't hear Mark Rein crying like this. But then again Mark is a great guy and doesn't fly into a diabetic rage every time he runs out of Ho Ho's and Snickers bars.

Too bad fat boy but here is how gaming works. You either get on a bullet train or you get flattened by it. Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way. It matters little in the end. Valve will continue to produce mainly PC works and companies like Guerrilla, Epic, Bungie, Naughty Dog and others will push technology out where it belongs...into the hands of the players.

AdolfBinBush4085d ago

Hatchetforce 1, Fat man 0

Kleptic4085d ago


10/11/07 ~10:06am EST NA...The single greatest internet post of all time was created...

MikeGdaGod4085d ago

why don't you tell us what you really thing about him. LOL

great post

Sevir044085d ago

by far the best post ever on a forum for all time i'll copy and past it print it out and frame that...

you truely are one of the best posters here on this forum and this site, which has gone to the dogs who are primarily fankids from both camps notice the word fankids... not fans of the system but rabid fankids who only slag a console, needs more people like you.

ODION lol!!! you should never post here again after that. you just got your ass chopped up and handed to you on a platinum platter with diamonds sprinkled all over it.. LOL!!!!

and to that fast guy just being, well? you guessed it. Lazy!!!!,
we'll just let all the devs that work hard to push the envelope of every console and you could just die of a heart attack for all i care.

hatchet for beautifully composed and well, and masterfully written. i'm going to track you. and here's a bubble for you and everyone thats posted under neath him ^^ good day i say my friend good day.

green_ghost54085d ago

@ hatchetforce

That was a great post, but you forgot one leading innovative dev. Lionhead!!

Drano4085d ago

Sacrifice a Goat or a virgin in HatchetForce's honor.

Jump Beyond.

fopums4084d ago (Edited 4084d ago )

Hatchetforce>>>>ev erything

I give you bubble+ sir and bow.....xD

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Shadow Flare4085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

Broken down Xbox 360's

ktchong4085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

Buying a WaitStation.

You buy one, and then you WAIT for the good games to come out. 2008. Maybe.

PS3 fanboys guys should be worshiping Newell's ass right now, because without his Half-Life 2 and putting up with working on a system he obviously hates, PS3 fanboys wouldn't have another "AAA" title this year. And right now PS3 owners REALLY needs all the "AAA" they can get.

Shadow Flare4085d ago

At least ps3 games use 720p as the bear minimum. I mean what kind of next-gen game uses 640p?...and then makes your 360 RROD

Odion4085d ago

ones that last more then 5 hours?

Shadow Flare4085d ago

....360 games last more than 5 hours odion?

Odion4085d ago

ya, unlike a certian 20 gig game i know, Bioshock, Halo, Blue Dragon, ES, PGR4, they're all real games

Zhuk4085d ago

Xbox 360 offers the true high definition gaming experience and has delivered on its promise of all games running at a variety of resolutions regardless of which kind of TV you own and with little performance impact thanks to the brilliant implementation of a hardware scaling chip, unlike the PS3 which promised 1080p at 120fps but has trouble running Madden at 30fps at 720p.

andy0014085d ago

Been reading that Microsoft Press Release again?

THC CELL4085d ago

waiting for red lights

really spoils the fun u no ur

when ur playing a game like halo god

Beep beep beep

ROD say u need to get laid here is a tip Red light district

zag4085d ago

Ah this guy doesn't like consoles all together.

Also Half-Life 1/2 were orginally made for the PC not a console.

I don't understand how so many people could sit and think MS is the be all and end of consoles, it's like they sudden;ly made some console market out of nothing, yet completely forget that Sony with the playstation re-invented the console market with the whole playstation brand from the Sega and Snes consoles/games.

Kadajvs4085d ago

PS3 having trouble running games at 60fps you're an idiot beyond's not the PS3 it's the lazy developers EA came out and said they would run madden on 360 at 60fps because it's easier to do and so they just port it over to the ps3...that's all EA does when it comes to releasing they're crappy games. Develop it for the 360 then port it over to the PS3 they've been doing that since the launch of the PS3 because they're lazy punks and dont wanna take the time to put extra effort in creating a high quality game for the PS3. PS3 can handle anything you throw at it..I havent seen the 360 in which i also own run a game that has like 20million guys on the screen at one time and run smoothly. Heavenly Sword in an example of what PS3 games can do and will only get better with developer kits. When you idiots realize that it's not the system that's making the games run at 30fps or whatnot and it's the lazy developers behind them then maybe you wouldnt be so bias towards one system...M$ isnt paying you a dime to favorite their system and Sony isnt as well so stop wasting your time bashing one system just cause you dont have it or dont like it just be a damn gamer...which is just play games and love it..360 and PS3 rocks..FTW

Vertius4085d ago

Does your TV run at 120fps, Zhuk?

Yeah, didn't think so. There hasn't even been a 120fps TV made yet. The PS3 could quite possibly be capable of running 120fps, but there haven't been enough advancements in TVs to use it. Why, people are taking some time to upgrade to HDTVs as it is.

Madden runs at 720p, 30fps on PS3. Ninja Gaiden Sigma runs at native 1080p at 60fps on PS3.

How you can call a console that doesn't run games in native 1080p a "true high-definition gaming experience" is baffling. It can run games in 720p just fine, but the PS3 would be the "true" HD system.

progx4085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

Listening to your [email protected] whine. Go dust off your ps3 and do some [email protected], thats all its good for.

xplosneer4085d ago

That first thing Valve sent it pretty much to EA to mush together and port code from the first 3 games. I'll be surprised if he worked for more than a week on the PS3 version.

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caffman4085d ago

most sensible thing you've ever written

nobizlikesnowbiz4085d ago

Best Shadow Flare comment ever.