Japan's Most Wanted Games: 3DS finally cracks top 5

"After seeing a couple of titles dance around the top 10 a bit, the 3DS finally sneaks one into the top 5 Most Wanted games in Famitsu’s periodic reader poll. PS3′s Tales of Xillia maintains the top position, though." -RPG Land

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Ddouble2808d ago

The FF games are looking good even XIII-2.

Also 11 PS games out of 15. Looking good for Sony

Samus HD2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

No place for xbox 360 in JAPAN xD

imoutofthecontest2807d ago

It has to be an actually announced game, or else yeah, I'm sure that one would probably chart too ^^;

2807d ago
eagle212807d ago

Zelda will be the first multiple platinum 3DS title worldwide..well fastest to multiple platinum... .maybe highest selling after Mario Kart 3DS this year. :)

DigitalHorror812807d ago

Zelda, Resident Evil and Pokemon will be HOT on the 3DS. If I could afford one, I'd have one, right alongside my NGP.