PlayStation Network Server Outage Update

PSN released an official statement acknowledging their server problems and promising to find a solution as soon as possible. PSN has promised to update gamers as soon as the bug is resolved.

For the past few days, the feared and famous Anonymous, a group of internet vigilante hackers, went after Sony for supporting the lawsuit against GeoHot. PlayStation websites all over the world have been suffering hacking attacks and even PlayStation Network has had issues with stability and struggles to remain online.

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Joni-Ice2812d ago

I hope Sony catch these camping pussys.

ForceCSW2811d ago

All I know is that if I'm denied playing Killzone 3 somebody will die.

Maddens Raiders2811d ago

well I am being denied playing Kizzy 3 right now during a lunch break & am pissed. thank you anonymous for looking out for us gamers. i didnt care much before but now this shit is cutting in to valuable gaming time. GTFO

Jezuz2811d ago

Agreed, not being able to play BC2 online is horrid

MidnytRain2811d ago

No SOCOM 4 beta? Those... BASTARDS!

Nivalis2811d ago

"a group of internet vigilante hackers"

Surely you mean a group of talentless script kiddies thinking they're elite because they can paste a url in to LOIC and press the hivemind button, TOTALLY HACKERS right there, wow, that's gotta take some skills. >_>

Senden2811d ago

Yeah because any average talentless script kiddie can take down PSN.. if they were really that amateur, Sony would look like idiots.

Oxymoron0282811d ago

Clearly you don't know what a DDoS is then.

TheTruth892811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

They put PSN and sites down simply by 'flood' the sites and PSN with dummy internet traffic.

There NO skills here.

Why not HACK the site?

Anonymous Noobs.

Senden2811d ago

Nope i'm not sure exactly sure what DDoS is but if it's that easy to accomplish, i'm sure there would be loads of people doing it.

Also just curious but when have these people claimed to be hackers? I'm pretty sure they've just been labelled as such and never made such claims.

PirateThom2811d ago

DDoS attacks are basically flooding sites/servers with fake data. It's not hard, it just requires a concentrated effort to achieve it.

It actually doesn't require hacking abilities just enough people sending dummy requests to the site.

Hell, you could do it yourself to any website via a command prompt if you really, really wanted to! Obviously, one person alone will have little impact and it's going to be a bitch on your internet, but that's how Anonymous does it, as a group effort.

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Soldierone2811d ago

Was about to say exactly what you said, but was trying to figure out how to say it. Thank you haha.

Thanks hackers. Ruining MY service is really showing Sony! Good job.....

Senden2811d ago

Well I guess you could say Hacktivists 1 - Sony 10.

waltyftm2811d ago

If my fiancee could get hold of them for disrupting her M.A.G session the other night they would be dead by now.

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The story is too old to be commented.