Red Faction Battlegrounds Launch Trailer

It seems like our whole day has been about Red Faction: Battlegrounds. Not only is THQ Digital's destruction derby available today on PSN (tomorrow on Xbox Live), but the studio released a launch trailer today. Check it out below.

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slinky1234562484d ago

Thought about buying it, but got Trine instead since it has a Platinum.

PirateThom2483d ago

Wise choice, this was free with PS+ and I think I paid too much for it... really bad.

Joni-Ice2483d ago

Whats Free with Plus? Red F? Where is it free?

PirateThom2483d ago

It was on the UK Store for free today with PS+.

Joni-Ice2483d ago

Damn...Is it bad? If so how bad?

PirateThom2483d ago

The controls are just horrendous...

It's essentially a twin stick shooter, but the movement just isn't right. It's hard to explain but it's just not fun to play. You know the way with some games you can pinpoint why the controls suck? I can't with this, it's just all terrible.

Graphically, it's passable.
Gameplay ideas are there.
Controls KILL it.

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oD-KiLLeR-Do2483d ago


don't buy this game

i got it because i'm PS+ member

its really sh!t

antz11042483d ago

This game is free if you pre-buy Red faction: Armageddon off Amazon. Even if it is bad I'm still not paying for it. Win/win.