Two Worlds II Review - Lens of Truth

Lens of Truth writes - "The first game in the Two Worlds series is a famous one, leaving much for the sequel to live up to. Well it leaves much for it to live down to anyhow because the first game is famous for being just plain awful. I’m sure there are a few fans out there that love it, but that’s what most people remember it anyhow. Can Two Worlds II exceed the already low expectations left by its predecessor? Lets put it under the lens and see if we can find this weakness for ourselves."

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Joe Bomb2782d ago

Better then the first game but that's not saying much. Its still no Lost Odyssey killer.

Kalowest2782d ago

"Its still no Lost Odyssey killer"

No RPG this genre has beaten it, alot have came close.

Sea_Man2782d ago

I played it for like 10 min and hated it.. Sorry just not my deal!