Could Concussions in Madden NFL 12 Lose EA Exclusive License?

Recently the news broke that EA Sports was including concussions in Madden NFL 12 that would force the player suffering them to have to sit out the remainder of the contest. This addition comes amidst the ongoing fight between the NFL and Players Union about player safety and specifically concussions. But is it possible that this new feature of Madden, one the players are in favor of, could cost EA Sports the NFL exclusive license?

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Rainstorm812784d ago

This is the stupid shyt about EA Sports...

Why would you focus on concussions when they have been a type of injury on madden....What now? CVoncussions will get special treatment?

Dont worry about injuries worry about gameplay!!!

I wish there was a groundbreaking next gen football title on par with the likes of MLB the show, NHL, Fifa, Fight Night and NBA2k11

Bathyj2784d ago

"If its in the game, its in the game."

Soldierone2784d ago

Nah maybe next year when their one new thing is arguing with players and owners about how to split a billion dollars.

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