First trailer of Nintendo’s Pandora’s Tower

Nintendo has released the first trailer ever of their new IP, Pandora's Tower.

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a_bro2484d ago

this better come to the west..

firefoxprime2484d ago

Omg. This game looks friggin awesome!

Okay. seriously? Who is that same loser...that chooses to disagree with everyone. Loser. :P

I honestly was leaning worst case scenario: a turn based strategy rpg. Boring...been there. Done that.

Best case scenario: an action rpg.
Instead, and awesome hack'n slash action side scroller created by the devs who made JUMP ULTIMATE STARS!!!! Truly truly epic.

Thats a pretty awesome lineup now:

1. The Last Story - creator of Final Fantasy
2. XenoBlades
3. Earth Seeker
4. Pandora's Tower

I wonder what else the Wii's gonna bring. I'm so excited :D

Stephen55432484d ago

"side scroller"? Is there actually info that says that it is one? Because there is only one spot in the trailer that looks like it could be a side scroller, but everything else looks like it's not to me.

christheredhead2484d ago

ive been wondering what this game would be like. after watching the trailer im excited.

stragomccloud2484d ago

I guess someone felt the opposite, and then disagreed with you. Because debut trailers make some people feel "un"excited, or disappointed.

GameTavern2484d ago

The game looks like a Japanese-esqye God of War.

ChickeyCantor2484d ago

Meh, more like a mash up between Ys and Castlevania: curse of darkness.

looks awesome though.

tunaks12484d ago

the action looks great

fatstarr2484d ago

looks nice like a side scrolling god of war.

this and the last story.
who said the wii dont got it no more

hatchimatchi2484d ago

have either of these games been announced for the west though?

Stephen55432484d ago

No, but Nintendo of America has registered domains for Last Story.

I think that there is a pretty good chance we'll be seeing Pandora in the west as well.

hatchimatchi2483d ago

hopefully they do, i'd love to play the xenogears title and especially the last story. I don't know much about pandora but it looks cool from that trailer.

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The story is too old to be commented.