GameSpot: PlayStation Move Heroes Review

Uneven controls make it a chore to compete in some of the events, and the entire package is hurt by the crushing repetition. It's still fun to control an airborne disc or shoot down idiotic robots, but that mild entertainment is not worth suffering through the rest of this adventure. Ratchet, Sly, and Jak deserve much better than this uninspired collaboration.

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PlayerX2807d ago

Isn't this one of those AAA PS3 Exclusives people have been listing for the past year?

danthegardner2807d ago

Yeah, but try not to pay attention to those lists. It's just fanboy dick measuring.

happyface2807d ago

AAA sony exclusive in da house boyz

Peaceful_Jelly2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

I love how fanboys distort reality. Guys... This is just a MOVE game or do you guys count those lame Kinect games as anticipated Xbox exclusives? =/

I'm just saying...

Silly gameAr2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

It's clear you guys are trying to hard. Very clear.

spunnups2807d ago

anyone that researched this game for 2 seconds knew it was going to bomb. a no name developer taking on move for the first time with legendary playstation characters equals disaster. if insomniac, naughty dog, or sucker punch were in control that score would be at minimum an 8/10.

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danthegardner2807d ago

Hmmmmm. These guys are making the NGP version of Resistance, but I'll reserve judgement until the game is done.

remanutd552807d ago

yea thats exactly what i was thinking , i hope they dont mess up Resistance NGP , why Insomniac didnt let Sony Bend do it again ? Resistance Retribution is one of my favorite psp games

iliimaster2807d ago

thats odd..... way to low if you ask me.... kinda suspicious really but i do have some high hopes for this game...

Moerdigan2807d ago

ALL the scores I have seen of this game have been all within this ballpark range.

ElementX2807d ago

It was funny how so many people thought this will be the best game ever. I didn't know it was a mini-game compilation. I thought it would be sweet as a platformer, but as soon as I heard it was mini-games I knew it would suck! LMFAO.

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