Section 8: Prejudice drops April 20 for 360, PC and PS3 to follow

Timegate Studios has dated two of the three versions of its upcoming FPS sequel Section 8: Prejudice. Via its Twitter account, the developer confirmed that the game will land on Xbox Live Marketplace in two weeks on April 20, followed by the Windows version on Games for Windows Live come May 4.

The PS3 release doesn't have a firm date; the game is simply noted as coming "summer 2011" to PSN. Whenever it hits, it'll carry the same $15 price tag as the other versions.

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captain-obvious2786d ago

wow this game got a sequel ?????

EYEamNUMBER12786d ago

i actually thought the first one was kinda fun

wait this game is gonna be 15 dollars?

zeal0us2786d ago

Will anyone buy it is the question. They should of ship it on disc and not dlc. At least on disk they are getting some of the consumer who don't have a internet connection or who don't bother with dlc.

Personally they should of work on a different game and just can the section 8 projects for now

palaeomerus2786d ago

I'm getting this. 5 hour SP campaign, bots, Halo-esque looks + Tribes-lite mechanics and design(only optimized for a controller obviously), deadlier shooting than the original, and I won't need a disc to play it. All for $15. Plus, bigger robot suits are thrown in for sauce.

The gun sounds in the trailers are a little weak though.

TooTall192780d ago

I like games with higher health, but I still might give this one a shot. Especially if there is a + discount

therapist2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

on pc the original looked better than halo reach or killzone 2, too bad the health was wayyy too high and the weapons were somewhat lame

hopefully they turn it around