Anonymous: Freedom Fighters of the Digital Age?

New England Nerd discusses the recent actions of hacker group Anonymous and the real meaning behind their words of war.

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PimpHandHappy2785d ago

they will fight for freedom but it wont be with guns or words

it will be with money because lawyers cost a mint

Warprincess1162785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

In late June 2008, users who identified themselves as Anonymous claimed responsibility for a series of attacks against the SOHH (Support Online Hip Hop) website.[62] The attack was reported to have begun in retaliation for insults made by members of SOHH's "Just Bugging Out" forum against ebaumsworld users. The attack against the website took place in stages, as Anonymous users flooded the SOHH forums, which were then shut down. On June 23, 2008, the group which identified themselves as Anonymous organized DDOS attacks against the website, successfully eliminating 60% of the website's service capacity. On June 27, 2008, the hackers utilized cross-site scripting to deface the website's main page with satirical images and headlines referencing numerous racial stereotypes and slurs, and also successfully stole information from SOHH employees.[63]

Following the defacement, the website was shut down by its administration. AllHipHop, an unrelated website, also had its forum raided. By the evening of June 27, 2008 was back online and released an official statement in which it referred to the perpetrators as "cyber terrorists" and announced that it would cooperate with SOHH " ensure the capture of these criminals and prevention of repeat offenses." On June 30, 2008 SOHH placed an official statement regarding the attack on its main page. The statement alleged that the attackers were "specifically targeting Black, Hispanic, Asian and Jewish youth who ascribe to hip-hop culture," and listed several hip hop oriented websites which it claimed were also attacked by the hackers. It concluded with a notice that it would be cooperating with the FBI.[62]

When interviewed, Felicia Palmer, co-founder of SOHH, confirmed that an FBI probe was ongoing, and that each time the website was attacked, data on the suspects was retrieved. Palmer indicated that some of the attackers were "located within the United States, between the ages of 16-21" and that a few of them were based in Waco, Texas. Initially under the impression that the hackers were pranksters, she came to believe they were "beyond pranksters" and the attack was racist in nature.[63]

So as you can see. These guys are a bunch of racist terriost. Now i can't stand racism and i think it disgusting. So now i hate these losers even more.

distorted_reality2785d ago

Stop spamming this dude, there's no need for it.

Joni-Ice2785d ago

I hope Sony catch these camping bitches.

JudgeDredd2785d ago

only sad pathetic thieves on cyber space. they care only for themselves, and no one else.

wiggles2785d ago

yeah, I don't see how they are going to "fight for me" when they bring down PSN, and when Sony doesn't offer any good firmware updates because they have to focus on security so much.

KingPin2785d ago

freedom fighters? please. these guys are a bunch of losers who hide behind their anonymity of the internet. true freedom fighters had a relevant cause worth fighting for. Gandhi and Mandela are freedom fighters. they fought for human rights, equality and justice. they didn't hide themselves from the law. they believed in what they were doing was correct and therefore were brave enough to face the consequences.

i dont see any remote similarities between that and what these losers are trying to do in the digital age. what "freedom" are they fighting for exactly? the freedom to steal and give out secure information of a specific company?

im sorry, but sony arent the bad guys here. they protecting themselves. look at it this way, if we are sony, and thieves are the pirates, do we not lock all doors and close all windows at night to keep these perpetrators out? i mean seriously?

ChristianGamer2785d ago

What did they steal? Anonymous I mean. You say they are pathetic thieves.

plb2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

All they are doing is DDosing sites... pretty sure real hackers would feel insulted being lumped into that crowd of individuals.

Silly gameAr2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

my bad.

Call_me_Ishmael2785d ago

DDos is a federal crime right?

RememberThe3572785d ago

Indeed. The penalty is pretty high too.

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