How to Write on a Nordstrom Window With Microsoft’s Kinect

Geekwire: " Nordstrom’s flagship store in downtown Seattle is currently featuring a neat little technological trick, allowing passersby to write and doodle on one of its display windows by moving their hands across the glass. The “light writing” system uses a projector in conjunction with Microsoft’s Kinect motion sensor. Nordstrom’s display is scheduled to be in place through April 11.

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Bigpappy2811d ago

Very accurate. What are your thoughts?

Christopher2810d ago

Accurate, but lots of delay on what you do versus what showed on the screen.

Question, how do you erase what is written?

zootang2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

Good but there is better drawing applications on other devices. Like Wii Udraw or PS3 Beatsketcher that are out now.

Godmars2902810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

How can you tell accuracy when they aren't showing results? Either its someone touching the glass, or something that was written. Also looks like a recorded loop. Nevermind that in that commercial there's nothing that outright says that Kinect is being used. Just that its an interactive display.

Yeah, you're just missing the hands free point.

Christopher2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

I took them at their word for using Kinect and the actual drawing. I do admit they technically never show any of the nice handwriting with someone drawing it and they do have some sort of looped effect happening when it's not in use.

I guess I kind of answered my own question above and that the erasing happens when the loop starts back up. Wonder how they'll feel when someone decides to draw curse words on the glass just for sh**s and giggles.

FragMnTagM2810d ago

@ 0:08 in the vid the guy picks up a Kinect, so obviously it uses it to do the drawing.

Also, @ cgoodno, the writing seems to disappear after a few moments.

B1663r2810d ago

I hate having to point out a video index of 00:07, that is seven seconds into the video they show the Kinect that powers the thing.

But since you are a devout M$ hater, why not point out the mighty mouse that suggests this display is being run on a Mac?

Godmars2902810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

When the display has been put up, when people are actually interacting with it on the street, where is the Kinect unit? Actually judging by the boxes with the glass/titted strips, I'm guessing that several units were used.

Again, not questioning weather or not Kinect was used, but weather or not there was any indication to passersby that the display used Kinect. Two different things.

More to the point, I'm questioning Bigpappy's assertion that this shows how accurate the thing is. There's only about one or two seconds of someone actually messing with the window and the result is shown.

Bigpappy2810d ago

If you really want to convince me that it is not kinect that is used to accurate write those word, youll will have to head over to Seattle and make your own demo video. They show people waking by and using it. Could all be staged of course, but I choose to accept that they are random people just using it in the window. You choose not to believe it. You have no fight from me. I am kool with you disagreeing.

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ASSASSYN 36o2810d ago

Impressive. It appears to setup easily and it definitely grabbed the attention of possible consumers.

Christopher2810d ago

This is an easy setup? Would hate to see what you consider a difficult setup :p

Just to note, kind of obvious why this is happening since it's the Nordstrom's in Seattle, Washington, home of Microsoft. Many of those setting up likely work for Microsoft and not Nordstrom's.

ChozenWoan2810d ago

Shoe polish works better