White board Nintendo 3DS AR card is cool but what if you want it BIGGER?

Some crafty guys over at Refactr reproduced the Nintendo 3DS AR Star card (“?” card) on to a white board, and after some trial and error, got it to work.

This allowed them to jump into the fun and have adult sized Mii’s and everything else the 3DS does in Augmented Reality – but LIFE SIZE! Looks like some FUN could be had…

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Hitman07692485d ago

Haha, this is pretty awesome.

SeNiLesBack2485d ago

I would love to try this out on that JumboTron...

eagle212485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

3DS rocks! :)

Nintendo needs to sell AR posters....this is so cool.

Shnazzyone2485d ago

God damn.... i really want my own 3ds now. I know their stupid toys but... damn that's cool.

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