Will Steam Ever Make it to Consoles?

Before you even begin to read this you are probably asking yourself, why in the world would console manufacturers EVER allow Steam to be available and take away from the limited digital downloads they already sell? I agree, it sounds crazy. But, take a step back and think about this for a second.

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VittoScaletta282387d ago

would make sense to those who own pc's. to be able to play the same game on a console and a pc, might just work.

DeadlyFire2387d ago

Next-gen. This gen is already set. PS3, X360, Wii Operation systems would have to allow for apps to exist and run on their own. Although still possible. Mostly in a limited sense until more freedom for OS will be allowed. Likely if at all possible it won't be this generation. Will Microsoft allow this. haha. Funny. Sony Yes. Nintendo Maybe.

Shok2387d ago

Aint it comin to the PS3?

Shok2387d ago

Ah. Ok, thanks for the clarification.

ExplosionSauce2387d ago

Is also a very good addition. And makes sense.

Pandamobile2386d ago

This is Steam:

Steamworks is just an API used to integrate features of Steam like the cloud-saving and cross platform gaming.

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spektical2387d ago

no its steamworks.
Additionally it would semi-challenge PSN Store. I believe it would be more possible for Valve to have a Steam store within the PSN store, much like capcom, etc. have their own sections.

Pandamobile2387d ago

No. There is literally zero chance that Steam will ever be on consoles.

Why would Sony or Microsoft allow Valve, a third party company to essentially steal a large chunk of their profits? Steam is a marketplace for PC games, what good would that do on consoles?

Besides, Valve are already working on a more console-like experience for Steam and is rumoured to have PC to TV streaming capabilities so you can run the game on your PC, and play it from your couch.

a_bro2387d ago

rumored? i thought it was announced a while ago.

Motion2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

Whoa whoa whoa...back up the boat. I'm going to google it now to find out, but what are these Steam PC to TV streaming features you speak of? That would(will) be pretty awesome.

Ok, looked it up. "Big Picture mode", apparently details are scarce. Speculation is that it could be streaming with specialized hardware, but will probably just be a consolized interface for HTPC's. The second option is pretty Meh.

XabiDaChosenOne2387d ago

You mean how sony allows netflix vudu and hulu to compete with its video store on its own console? As long as Sony sees a cut in it I don't see why they wouldn't allow it.

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lpfisher2387d ago

I think, assuming this Valve/Sony partnership blooms a little bit, we might see this in the future. As for the 360, definitely not. Microsoft will never team with Steam (Games for Windows Live...look it up).

distorted_reality2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

Playstation Network Store......Look it up.

As Panda said, it won't happen. The only thing you may see is Steam Friends come into play, but there's no way that either console will get a fully fledged Steam client anytime soon.

lpfisher2387d ago

There's no reason to believe that PSN and Steam can't coexist. As long as Sony gets a cut, I could see them being willing to do damn near anything, and we all know Valve is wiling now.

I think Portal 2 will ultimately decide whether or not this develops.

I wouldn't see it as "stealing a large chunk of their profits." See, in business, people can cooperate and make deals...Steam and PSN hardly sell the same games. If Valve made some of their Steam catalog available on PSN similar to how Sony is doing PSOne classics, it'd be nothing but a good thing for all parties involved.

distorted_reality2387d ago

The only reason they sell different games currently is because they're on different platforms and have different catalogues to work with.....If both services were on the same platform, you can be sure that they'd be fighting for rights to release games solely on their stores.

Portal 2 won't have any influence at all, considering we're talking about two very different things here. Sales wise we all know that Portal 2 will do well on the PS3, but drawing a line from that to a fully fledged Steam Client is ridiculous.

They may create a slimmed down client to sell Valve titles, but they won't create a fully fledged store. There are way too many logistical and financial hoops that they would have to step through (not to mention Sony's greed) to make it viable anytime soon.

Stealth20k2387d ago

very crazy

and steam isnt coming to any console. Only steamworks that links accounts and stats and stuff

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