IGN: Bored with World of Warcraft? Make Your Own Fun.

IGN:"I know people who have single-handedly racked up entire years of played time in World of Warcraft. In its six and a half years, few aspects of Blizzard's MMO have been talked about more than its addictiveness. But addictiveness is hardly a measure of fun, as anyone who has succumbed one of life's many vices before can attest.

Although the latest expansion, World of Wacraft: Cataclysm, did a lot to refresh the game for players new and old, unless you join in the endless pursuit for better and better items, you might find yourself, as I occasionally do, just dancing on the roof of the Orgrimmar Auction House out of boredom."

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radchris2805d ago

15 bucks a month to dance on the bank roof in org? Yeah you can make your own fun but don't forget your still paying a monthly subscription fee

Montrealien2805d ago

and don't forget, it is our money to spend, not yours.

wwm0nkey2805d ago

Bored of WoW? Get TERA Online.

Montrealien2805d ago

I am not a fan of playing no name mmo wannabees.

wwm0nkey2805d ago

TERA is actually a pretty big MMO coming out, Ive been playing the Korean version and its amazing. The English version should be out soon.

Montrealien2805d ago

then I will rephrase, I am not a fan of korean mmos. To each his own I guess.

Mutley4162805d ago

yah...i had to let wow go...part time job staying on top...but for the few years i did play, i really did enjoy got to be a job instead of a game...