Sony: 'Price doesn't make or kill a platform'

CVG: "Sony Computer Entertainment America president Jack Tretton has said that the success of a platform is not reliant on price but in the value of its features.

Tretton discussed the value of gaming in an interview with Fast Company. "I think that consumers respond to value. If you're passionate about something you find a way to go out and get it and gamers are very passionate," he said.

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Shok2808d ago

It can, but you guys did a good job with the PS3 considering the fact that it passed up a console that was out 1-year later, and has been re-bought about 5 times per person.

I don't think many company can recover after having a $600 product like that.

TurismoGTR2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

Yes it does Sony, I doubt a lot of people would purchase another 360 after receiving the RROD if the price tag was pricy.

Rumor2808d ago

Im sorry but i LOL'zed

in capitalist America, price can be the cure or the cancer....

Kleptic2808d ago

The Playstation brand is the ONLY company brand that could get away with the initial price of the PS3...

had nintendo or Ms done that...i guarantee they would not be in the industry anymore...

but wait for the PS4...I would bet my neighbor's dog that it will be close to what the PS3 costs now...maybe $400...but no where near $600...

the price didn't kill the PS3...but the price is the only reason there is a console war right now...

MaxXAttaxX2808d ago

PS3 and PSP succeeded even though they were the pricier systems.
Although it can help initial sales.

SMOK3xFFx2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

What was it that killed the PSP Go then? Or was it ever even alive?

MaxXAttaxX2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

The fact that it was a digital download only device and unable to play all other UMD games. No physical software.

This was about the PSP in general and the PS3. Not a specific SKU.

SMOK3xFFx2808d ago

Digital distribution was a minor problem compared to the price, most reviewers complained about the price, while only few about not being able to play previously bought UMD's and even fewer about DD as a whole.

Furthermore Sony could have devised a way to allow to transfer games bought on UMD onto the Go, which they didn't. They saw that the problem was the price and what they did do was lower the price.

badz1492808d ago

it DOES! even if not entirely but it still DOES!

HolyOrangeCows2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

"Price doesn't make or kill a platform"?!
If THAT'S what you've learned these last two gens, you need a cat scan.

For the love of.....just release a cheaper console next time. PS2 isn't my favorite system of all time because of the hardware; When I think of the ps2, I think of the huge list of amazing software it had.

SoapShoes2808d ago

@holyorangecows - They have seen from Apple that it does not matter. People are willing to pay top dollar for products made by Apple. I guess that's a bad example because they don't have a lot of feature for its value.

darthv722808d ago

the ps3 system would not have gone through the back to back price cuts so quickly after launch.

Also, it should be pointed out that when the slim came out, they sold ps3's in higher numbers than up to that point. trying to justify price vs value is a tough thing when the competition is showing similar results for less.

3do as a platform was better than the snes/genesis but it's $600 price point basically killed it early on. Not even the best arcade/home translation of the widely popular SSF2 could save it.

NeoGeo...the REAL arcade home console had a high price tag and because of it...failed to move as many machine into the home like they did the arcade. Game prices didnt help much either. $200 for Art of fighting...ouch!

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Menech2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

Shok, hows your shares in Sony doing?

Or like everyone else on N4G are you just following the crowd like a good little sheep.

Shok2808d ago

Lol, I'm a sheep all because I compliment Sony? I didn't even agree with what the guys said, I just said threat they did a remarkable job recovering from the high price. That = sheep? Lol, sad logic.

Menech2808d ago

"considering the fact that it passed up a console that was out 1-year later, and has been re-bought about 5 times per person."

That part makes you the sheep halfwit, do you have figures to back up them "facts".

AmazingBrian2808d ago


1st place console...Wii-cheapest of the 3

1st place handheld...DS - Cheapest of the 2

and they're both ahead by far. Yup, price don't got nothin to do with sales.

XabiDaChosenOne2808d ago

@Menech Your butt feeling okay bro? Its was an obvious exaggeration, no need to cry.

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iamtehpwn2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

It doesn't make a platform, but it can kill it. It killed the Neogeo, but PS3 saved itself through a lot of smart decisions and price cuts. Ps3 could've way more quickly over taken 360 if it started at $400. Agreeing with Shok, the PS3's recovering from $600 is the most remarkable in industry history.

TOSgamer2808d ago

Considering Sony had 65%+ market share in the home console market for the 10 years before the ps3 and now have well under 30% I wouldn't call it a remarkable recovery. Its good that Sony was able to save the PS3 from becoming an embarrassing disaster but they have no where near the market and mind share they once had.

shadow27972808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

Market share doesn't really matter between generations, at least it didn't used to. With the implementation of online and Xbox Live, this may change, but it didn't used to matter.

Nintendo took market share from Atari, Sony took market share from Nintendo. Now Nintendo went from last to first. Market share really isn't, and hasn't been, a huge factor in console sales between generations. People are loyal to the games, not the hardware.

But more importantly, people buy the most appealing hardware to them. Sometimes that's the cheapest, sometimes it's the one with the best games, whether they be favorite franchises or new IPs, sometimes it's the one with their gamerscore and achievements, sometimes it's just the one that launches first, and sometimes it's the one with the best controller/most interesting gameplay mechanic.

The attitude when the PS3 launched was that it was going to fail, and fail hard. People thought it might really hurt Sony as a company. It had a reputation as being a lot worse than the 360. Where I live, the PS3 seems almost like an afterthought to a lot of people still today. The PS3 overcame a massive launch price, a year head start, and a small number of big franchises in the console's infancy. And yet, the PS3 is not far behind the 360. That is a remarkable recovery no matter how you look at it.

GrandTheftZamboni2808d ago

30% of the market is still better than 30% of the market minus $1B for CPU R&D minus $1B for extended RROD warranty.

FACTUAL evidence2808d ago

Technically, no it doesn't, but it sure can make you think twice before buying it.

princejb1342808d ago

price has alot to do with it
wii didnt have much features when it started and look at it now, is light years away from you

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MGRogue20172808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

Keep the price low for the NGP please, Sony.. You know it makes sense.

NLGSean2808d ago

I can tell you right now that it is NOT going to be $250...

Etseix2808d ago

id pay $300 for the NGP.

FailOverHero2808d ago

Oh boy. Here comes the "we want people to get more jobs to afford it" talk.
Maybe sprinkle in "next generation portable doesn't start until we say so"
And of course the ever popular "it is a playstation, of course people will buy it"

Silly gameAr2808d ago

Thanks for not failing with the predictable comment. CVG and their flamebait headlines catch another one.

Rynx2808d ago

Dude 2 options.

1) Either buy a PS3

2) STAY AWAY from PS3 related articles already!

Seriously I think I might be developing a tumor just giving even the slightest thought to why you keep on with your trolling.

Dart892808d ago

He has a point you need developer's to support it otherwise you just have a paper weight and it won't justify you're price.