Japanese Software Chart - Halo 3's reign in Japan is over

Last time Kotaku got numbers from Media Create, Bungie and Microsoft topped the charts, pushing nearly 60,000 copies of the 360 exclusive during it's debut week. This week? Halo 3 doesn't appear in the top thirty. How quickly they turn on you. Perhaps sensing a great disturbance in the buying trends of the Japanese, the nation's gamers respond. Dragon Ball, Gundam, Pokémon, Final Fantasy and Tamagotchi rule the top ten, with Mistwalker's ASH: Archaic Sealed Heat making a respectable, if unspectacular, debut.

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goodganja3963d ago


That would take the 360 to actually "sell" in Japan for that to happen.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

Chris_GTR13963d ago

mmmm.. as long as i can remember theres never been a ps3 game as #1 on japan charts.

XxZxX3963d ago

Chris, I don't know you are blind or stupid. PS3 Games made the #1 list several times. Don't know how you miss that, go look it up yourself, dont even bother to give u a link

barom3963d ago

remember hot shot golf dude?
I think that dynasty warriors: gundam was on top as well.

XxZxX3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

barom, easy VF5 is the first PS3 title to make it to the #1 list. Actually it did better HALO 3.

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SnakeCL3963d ago

I figured it would be out of the top 10, but the top 30? That's pretty rough.

ceedubya93963d ago

much of a surprise here. At least it got some attention.

ericnellie3963d ago

I don't think anyone expected it to even be #1 for a single week. What's even more of a suprise is the fact that the only PS3 game on that list is an American made game (Oblivian). The PS2 and PSP are doing very nice though:)

otherZinc3963d ago

at least they know what a real game is now.

Also, for those games that released new, they were no chart busters, those were some weak first week numbers.

harpua3963d ago

"at least they know what a real game is now."

So a Fisher-Price styled FPS is a real game?

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The story is too old to be commented.