Section 8: Prejudice Dated

TimeGate Studios have revealed Section 8: Prejudice will hit the Xbox Live Arcade on the 20th April. The game will also arrive on PC via Steam and Games for Windows Marketplace on May 4th, and the Playstation Network at some point during the Summer.

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Dart892814d ago

I'll be busy playing mk during the summer.

Maybe i'll get it when it goes down in price

What is the price on this??

lucifon2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

1200 Microsoft Points / $15. Pretty crazy for a 5 hour campaign, and 32 player multiplayer with dedicated servers on all platforms.

Justin_bristoe2814d ago

i like being an odst in this game!

dragunrising2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

If only odst's were as powerful in Halo, the Covenant wouldn't have won any ground battles and the Spartan's wouldn't have been needed. :-p

palaeomerus2814d ago

ODST's need a pod to drop. These dudes just drop like Spartans except without the whole "wait ten minutes for your armor to reboot after the shock gel stops the hit and to wake up from the trauma" part.