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Anyone who played and enjoyed the original Contra back in the ‘80s can attest to the satisfaction that the game brought. Despite its brutal difficulty, which forced players to memorize enemy patterns and rely on near-perfect twitch reflexes, the Contra series was a pure joy. Hard Corps: Uprising, the latest game in the long-running shoot ‘em up series, features a new look and the same great gameplay that Contra has been known for all these years. That said, you’ll probably only enjoy it if you like sadistic games that don’t go easy on you.

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Yi-Long2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

... very colorful and anime-inspired...

... but I didn't like the controls, and I would have preferred 360 degree shooting with the right analogue stick, like Shadow Complex.

I don't care much about the DLC-milking either btw, which is the reason why I won't be buying it.

GodGinrai2785d ago

bought it on the first day..skipped the dlc also...bloddy cheek. they didnt even wait a few weeks! still, excellent game beat rising mode gave up on arcade mode. looking forward to a sequel! oh and the wave gun is crap!

athmaus2784d ago

Never heard of the game before...but looks pretty intersting

Chevalier2784d ago

I quite enjoyed it. I kind of have to disagree with the Shadow Complex controls though. It's a Contra game and should play like classic contra games plain and simple. I understand why you'd want that though, but, then it wouldn't feel like contra to have that kind of control scheme.

If I had to rank the characters they'd be:

then dead last would be Harley.