Console Showdown – Xbox 360 vs Playstation 3

It’s time to ask the ultimate gaming question! Well, this is more to find out which our readers prefer than the world in general. It’s talked about a lot and the fanboy wars rage fairly strong these days. We’re wondering which console you prefer, and why.

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redd0r2750d ago

Its actually a tough choice when laid out like that. I own a PS3 but I know how gimped my multiplayer experience is, ugh :(

TurismoGTR2750d ago

Not this again......................... ..........

MaxXAttaxX2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

How is your multiplayer experience gimped???

LOGICWINS2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

I prefer the PS3 because I just feel its more convenient than other options. Even if both the 360/PS3 had the SAME games, I'd choose the PS3 for the free online play, ability to gameshare, rechargeble controller, ability to create multiple accounts in different regions for free(I believe you need to pay another $50 a year just to make another account)

-Alpha2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

Gamesharing is actually not allowed. I was always confused on the rules but somebody made it clear to me. It's practically piracy if you think about it :P

SeNiLesBack2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

WOW, you need to get your facts straight before you start spewing out comments "LOGICWINS"... Both the PS3 and Xbox 360 controllers can be charged. The beauty of the Xbox 360 controller though is that you can use 2 AA battery's if you want or rechargeable. If the rechargeable battery dies, it's cheap to replace. If the battery needs charging, pop in a new one.

And for creating multiple accounts, it cost nothing! You can setup one for I believe any region. I have one setup for japan and one for Europe I think (been a while since I even logged in to either of them).

ShinMaster2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

I fail to see the "beauty".

People either have to keep getting AA batteries or buy the "play & charge" rechargeable kit separately.

I've had the same PS3 controller since launch and is yet to "die". It lasts just as long as it did back then. (if that's what you were getting at, indirectly)

That's nice that you can create multiple accounts at no cost.... except for the cost of that one initial account :P

LOGICWINS2750d ago

"And for creating multiple accounts, it cost nothing! You can setup one for I believe any region. I have one setup for japan and one for Europe I think (been a while since I even logged in to either of them)."

Sorry, I should have specified in my comment. The $50 thing was in reference to XBL.

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Beefstew4u2750d ago

In what way is the multiplayer on ps3 gimped?

ThanatosDMC2750d ago

LOL! That was funny. Almost Bungie level funny.

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Persistantthug2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

I mean...When I want to score a touchdown in Madden on XBOX LIVE, I can also score a touchdown on PSN. If I want to run over some people playing GTA 4 Online on the PSN, I can run people over on XBOX LIVE.

BFBC2....same experience.

So exactly what makes the experience gimped for either one, redd0r? Just curious.

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BuckenBerry2750d ago

I like my 360 more just because there are more exclusives that I enjoy and in my opinion the controller is better than the PS3's. Though the PS3 wins out in the durability category.

news4geeks2750d ago

I really hate the better controller argument... I could argue all day about the problems with the 360 controller, but I won't because I'm tired and I don't really care... yet I care enough to write this comment. I'll end it by saying that both ps3 and 360 are awesome, but PC is better.

metsgaming2750d ago

at this point if you want the other controller you can just get a third party controller and there you go.

-Alpha2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

PC is king in terms of online (Free and superior to LIVE) and graphics (superior multiplats and exclusives, especially when you consider mods, technical aspects, etc) Overall it has the biggest library of games, the best input controller, etc.

It objectively trumps the consoles in many of the aspects consoles boast about.

I'd be a PC gamer if it wasn't for console exclusive games, and split screen/local MP. At the end of the day, it's the exclusives that matter, and all the consoles have a good list of them. I grew up with a PS2 so some of the exclusives just grew on me.

As for the 360 controller, I think it's great. Love the durability of the analog sticks, love the triggers, love the overall feel. Batteries and d-pad are the most unfortunate issues

news4geeks2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

I'm biting my tongue alpha, but here it goes anyway. The analogue sticks are stiff and have a noticeable dead-zone which makes accurate aiming more difficult. The triggers are slow and cumbersome; not suited to quick button presses, the distance you need to press in should be minimal. RB and LB are located too far in the direction of the player making it uncomfortable to rest your fingers on them. D-pad is too clunky for anything other than a basic button press and is located in a slightly awkward position. Batteries are undesirable. Symmetry is best suited to dual analogue sticks. I also personally suffer more hand cramps as a result of the shape of the controller and I prefer convex analogue sticks.

PS3 controller has its issues too but not to the same extent as the 360's. I still prefer mouse and keyboard for most genres.

Rageaholic2750d ago

Yes pc is better. it makes all the multiplatform games on the consoles to shame

Remember Gears of war 1.... it still holds up against the best console games.

I cant emphasize how much more competiive pc gamin feels vs playing a console game

MaxXAttaxX2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

Yes, that is true about PC.

But I'm play on consoles because of the exclusive games and just pure convenience.

There's something great about having a music, video/movie and gaming machine in your living room entertainment center playing on a 50" screen.
It's just not the same with PC.

PS3 controllers many not be the best for FPS games. But other than that, it really is great for all genres. That's why the classic design remains to this day :)

LOL yes.

@Alpha-Male22 (bellow)
Yes we all know PC can do that. But that wasn't the point.
A console to me is a lot more convenient. You can't expect me to replace my system with a PC.
There's a size, space and too many cables issue.

Also, I don't like the triggers on either 360 or PS3. Which is why the DS2 feels better, while all face buttons on any PS controller are always nice :)

-Alpha2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )


I'm sure you can play PC games on a TV.
Also, I'm sure you can easily play music when you play games and watch movies too :P

@N4G (and Nathan)

While I like the Dualshock, I actually prefer the Dualshock 2 over Dualshock 3. I got the SIXAXIS, which was an obvious downgrade to the DS2, but also have a DS3. Still, I think that the DS2 was better. I have minor gripes with both controllers, but IMO:

I think the analog sticks' depression made for a nice grip on 360. My SIXAXIS is slippery in comparison. The DS2 has the best grip.

I thought the resistance was great on the Xbox controller. My SIXAXIS feels like it has no resistance whatsoever, my DS2 has the same amount as 360.

The triggers are concave, I like that over the SIXAXIS. I also found the SIXAXIS to be too sensitive sometimes. I wouldn't mind the convex design if they just added a rubber grip, my fingers are prone to slip off easier.

Don't have an issue with the RB/LB placement

Agree with D-pad, I can't navigate the system properly at all, and using the analog is uncomfortable

IMO my Dualshock 2 is awesome. It has much more grip than my SIXAXIS, has resistance, and feels better overall to DS3.

My problems with the PS3 controller are mainly in the reduced superiority to DS2.

As for cramps, I actually got cramps using both controllers anytime I switched between them. IMO, once you get used to the controller, the issues aren't a major problem. I remember getting cramps on the 360 controller but it was because I was so used to the Dualshock. The perfect controller to me would have 360's triggers and analog resistance with PS3's D-pad and battery.

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JudgeDredd2750d ago

i like both my PS3 and 360(period).

EddyD2750d ago

That's not very sporting of you. You can't be reasonable about these sorts of things, it destroys people's vision of the fanboy dammit!

BuckenBerry2750d ago

Also the multiplayer experience on the 360 kicks the PS3's butt!

metsgaming2750d ago

is it still 2007? here i thought it was 2011. I guess im stuck in the future, or maybe others are stuck in the past?

-Alpha2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

Hey, it's his experience and he is entitled to it. I won't agree with him, but if he has a more enjoyable experience on the 360 then good for him

MaxXAttaxX2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )


Do people just repeat these things without knowing what they're talking about?

Let's say you have both version of the same game.
Your online options are the same. The gameplay is the same.

Those comments about LIVE superiority are never about the actual online multiplayer gameplay experience.

xabmol2750d ago

Paying money = Better multiplayer experience?

SMOK3xFFx2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

Both go hit for hit in just about every category, it's dependent on the gamer.

That would be a hit for the PS3?

EddyD2750d ago

What about all of the PS3 exclusives coming up and the lack of Xbox ones?

B1663r2750d ago

That is a straw man argument, it presumes that there are no games on the xbox, which simply isn't the case. It also presumes that you will like all of the exclusives that will be released, which you probably will not.

And even for an avid gamer such as myself... my backlog of games is... well overwhelming... No more games could be released for the xbox tomorrow, and I would have enough games to play for the next two years...

And I will be getting Halo Reach in the mail in a few weeks.

More exclusives would simply be more games I would not play,

But I am not sure that is even valid. At least 2x a month I see xbla games I want to play, but again, I have so much game right now, I can't bring myself to buy these titles, and many of them are exclusives.

Finally this is not the same argument xboxer were making a couple of years ago, because back then the PS3 simply did not have the overwhelming selection of games that the xbox has now.

Does that answer your question???

Maybe its time for one of those lists? ROFL.

MaxXAttaxX2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

"More exclusives would simply be more games I would not play"

Very weak argument.
Anyway, no one's really saying that Xbox has "no games" at all. But the PS3 is just delivering more in this aspect.

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