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An anonymous source has uncovered the collected hackers' current plans after targeting Sony Playstation websites and reportedly going after employees and family members of Sony.

The hackers are currently targeting the Playstation Store. The concensus seems to be that they believe taking down the store will annoy customers and that annoyance will be directed at Sony, reducing sales.

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bmw692810d ago

Great find... I think it is time for these guys to give up now

Kantor2810d ago

Give up? This is public information. They want people to know this.

BeardedGamerShow2810d ago

Yeah, they should give up. They're stupid enough to think this will make customers angry at Sony. Customers will be angry at the hackers.

naznatips2810d ago


That's implying that the average customer even knows who's behind it. All they're doing is DDoSing. It's not even really hacking. They're just throwing millions of requests at the server at once in the hopes it will break, but with only ~70 people doing it it's not enough to make it break for more than a minute or two before the servers rebound.

Spectator12810d ago

@naz - agreed, doubt the average user will know the story behind it.

LOGICWINS2810d ago

@Captain Havok- I don't even think 10% of the people who have PSN accounts know that this is even going on.

NaiNaiNai2810d ago

Last I checked it hasn't even hit yahoo news.

Which means only us and our buddies know about this.

OneSneakyMofo2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

You guys are right. Average Joe won't know the difference. In their mind, "Oh. Playstation Network is down... guess I can't play Call of Duty or my Madden games... looks like I'll go play some beer pong with my frat bros, drive my Honda Civic, and talk like the Situation to some slutty women."

360 fans: "Ahahahaha, Sony's getting 'hacked'. What a bunch of losers. Time to go back to Crysis 2, the best looking game EVERRRR OMGBBQSAUCE."
Wii fans: "Man, I wish I had a game to play. Looks like I'll play Super Mario Galaxy for the 20th time."
PC fans: "Too busy to play World of Warcraft... DDoSing Sony."
Sony fans: "I hope a 'Guy Fawkes' Anonymous."

TotalPS3Fanboy2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

They tried taking Sony's websites down. They failed.
They tried taking PSN down. They failed too.
They will try to take the Playstation Store down. They will fail.

After all those failures, they are now targeting the innocent employees, customers, and gamers.

Tomorrow, after failing to take down the Playstation store, they will target the innocent children of the employees next.

And after failing that too, they will target the friends of the children of the employees of Sony.

xxBiG_BoSSxx2809d ago

if the average user is having consistent issues with the psn what do you think they'll do? just leave it be? ignore it and be angry with sony? or would they contact customer service or more likely google "psn down"? i think they would seek the reason for their product malfunction, and then they would see its because of hackers, and not sony.

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Dante1122810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

So they are trying to DDoS (spam) the playstation store so that no one can get on it and download demos/games? Are they beefing with Sony or it's customers/gamers?

@ Havok That's the impression I got from the other article's comments on the whole thing.

PS-_-GAMER2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )


NJShadow2810d ago

It's easier... than you think...

Look at how easy it was to hack PlayStation Home in the beginning...

metsgaming2810d ago

Sounds like Malignant narcissism

egidem2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

You know what, this has gone too far. You cannot go after some big corporation in the name of consumerism and then fuck up the consumer experience in the process. You can't say that you're doing this shit in the name of freedom, while at the same time all that good honest paying customers want is just to relax and have fun online. This has got to stop.

RBLAZE19882810d ago

Man why don't these guys actually stand up for something that's worth it...I mean who is really gonna care about this in a few years. They took out a feature that barely 1% of owners used. It's not like they took online multiplayer or the friends list to cut costs. Why don't these guys go up against corrupt governments who steal their human rights daily in the name of national security. These guys are pathetic. In a few years there will be pc processors more interesting than the cell processor that they can homebrew and use linux with. The only thing these guys are gonna accomplish is a more strict crackdown of internet usage. We're all gonna need internet passports soon and the internet will be closed down and strictly enforced usage policies will probably be put in place like in china and egypt if douchebags like these guys keep doing what they're doing. The government will use the security excuse to do this just like they did with the patriot act. If you wanna accomplish something, do it legally, don't harass employees snd their families and the consumers. Hell go stage a protest or a sit down at sony headquarters. I bet your demands would be listened to better than they are now. This behavior is childish and won't get them anywhere you can count on that as truth.


Just ignoring and not approving this Articles and not giving attention to this losers.

egidem2810d ago

Unfortunately not everyone thinks intelligently. Someone will eventually approve these articles and people will eventually be drawn in on the attention.

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HarryMonogenis2810d ago

Wow, this is shocking stuff.

Kantor2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

I don't approve of what they're doing, but it's hardly shocking. This is pretty standard Anonymous fare - DDoS something for a few days, then get bored and find something else to hate. Sony's servers can handle it; don't worry.

Senpai2810d ago

Don't we have enough articles regarding Anonymous? I mean seriously, come on. It's all I've been seeing the entire day, Anonymous this, Anonymous that, one or two articles ain't enough, i'nit'?

Silly gameAr2810d ago

More petty pranks incoming?

supremacy2810d ago

My thoughts the way i like your avatar it reminds of... the golden days of MK, cant wait for the new one.

Silly gameAr2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

Same here man. The new MK is going to be insane. I'm definitely getting the old school MK vibe from this one.

Also check out the new MK inspired album if you're into the music. One of the best links I I got from Joystiq in a while.

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