Why you Shouldn't Buy a Kinect at CheatCC

CheatCC says, "When it was released, the Kinect was touted as the next big thing in gaming. And to its credit, it has become the fastest-selling electronic device in history, moving more than 1 million units in ten days. However, the Kinect is not as revolutionary as the hype might have you believe, and there are plenty of reasons why you shouldn't purchase a Kinect."

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TotalPS3Fanboy2812d ago

I already know not to buy Kinect.

zeal0us2811d ago

The same ppl that make "why not to buy Ps3 article" There editors need to find something more newsworthy to write about.

TBM2811d ago

i'm not into shovelware i don't buy it for my wii, or my ps3. so i sure as hell aint gonna buy it for my 360 thank you very much.

drsnobby2812d ago

Why did this piece of trash get approved? another failed attempt at journalism.8 million customers beg to differ.

MrBeatdown2812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

A bit of a flawed argument, don't you think?

8 million Kinects sold could just as well be 8 million regretful customers.

I've bought plenty of crap I thought would be good, but ended up not liking.

drsnobby2812d ago

There,s no argument about a flawed article.8 million kinects sold is just what it is, you have it in you to admit kinect is a success?

MrBeatdown2812d ago

<------- The point

<------- Your head

Sure, Kinect is a success... Sales-wise.

Trouble is, sales are completely irrelevant here. The article is about why you shouldn't buy a Kinect, not about how successful it is.

Using sales to prove the article wrong is ridiculous, because, like I said, it says nothing about how satisfied those customers are with Kinect. 8 million customers just means that 8 million people bought it, not that 8 million people liked it.

drsnobby2812d ago

Based on your experience with kinect why shouldn,t customers buy it?

MrBeatdown2812d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

Allow me to correct what I said earlier...

<------- The point







<------- Your head

There. That seems more accurate.

I'm not saying Kinect isn't worth it or that the article is right. I'm saying that giving "8 million people bought it" as reasoning as to why other people should by Kinect is flat out stupid.

If you can't grasp such a basic concept, I'm clearly wasting my time.

And it's kind of funny that after four comments defending Kinect, you haven't come up with one reason why it is worth buying.

In response to below...

No, I don't have Kinect, but does it matter? I'm not saying anything about it, good or bad.

I'm just saying that using 8 million sales to prove Kinect is worth it isn't a valid argument. It's as ridiculous as saying Black Ops is the best game ever since it's the best selling game. Quality can lead to better sales, but sales are not an indicator of quality or customer satisfaction after the sale is made.

drsnobby2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

Let me be more direct,do you have kinect? i do and from my experience it,s a wonderful piece of hardware.this article suggesting to customers not to purchase kinect is nothing but a poor attempt at gaming jornalism.

swishersweets200312811d ago

8 million suckers born everyday

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Bigpappy2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

I still use Kinect almost every day because I am into fitness. I completed Kinect adventure and have gold in all indivisual activities pass advance level. I use reflex ridge 'ultimate level' to do my cadio workout 3 days a week. I have not kept to my your shape fitness routeen, because it takes longer to get into. So it is K-sports tennis and track, K-Aventure, BG&E and Torchlight (on level 48) that take up my gaming time. I know some people who bought kinect and their wives use it more than they do. Some people just don't want that much activity and prefer to relax, which is fine also. To each his own. The article is stupid, but not surprising it is approved here. Crap like this gets approved every day.
If some one needs to take shots at Kinect, I say have at it. Most people will buy what appeals to them in the long run. I will tell you this. Most people who bought Kinect did so because they tried it and liked it.

Kinect with continue to sell well and will even be hotter next holliday season. Game like 'MJ Exp' and 'Child of Eden' will boost the sale a bit then E3 will be hear. The spring update will add some cool features and the tech is still a work in progress. Kinect is not the next Eyetoy you guys are hoping it is. It has really long legs.

Just_The_Truth2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

the eyetoy sold over 10 million but how'd that turn out just ponder this there was a 8m-10m kinects sold in like 3 months during the holiday but how many do you think researched the product before buying and how how many do you think actually had tried it for a extended amount of time before making the investment all ten million? Most people go off word of mouth and commercials i remember hearing a gamestop employee tell a mother that you'd be able to play halo with it seriously 90% of people don't have a clue about products they buy so sells mean nothing to me.

darthv722812d ago

I say let it be on the individual. Not everyone shares the same views but when their views are reflected as fact instead of opinion is where we have a problem.

Godmars2902812d ago

Yes, and this is why reasons are given: If you agree with some or all then you likely should get it. If you don't, then the shouldn't.

The real point is that many here will only argue the numbers and not give a damn about how many of the units are collecting dust, or people are lamenting wasting $150 on something that's really not up to its own speed.

MGRogue20172812d ago

'cause it's rubbish..? I dunno, That's what I've heard.. *shrugs*

Fallouts2812d ago

you know n4g is something else! they take away bubbles for saying fanboy shit, trying to make this place profesinal, yet they post up nothing but fvcking flaim bait shit to get shit startted..

wtf, just put the open zone back then if all n4g is going to do is put up flaim bait! and everyone should have no less then 4 bubbles.

Fallouts2811d ago

its called a typo, if you didnt get the point then move it along...

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