FinalSmash – Free Realms Review

VainZiler of FinalSmash review the PS3 MMO Free Realms.

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HeavenlySnipes2758d ago

to try it out, but after I saw that it had a 700mb update I said fuck it and wen back to Operations with the guys on my friends list.

Masterchef20072757d ago

This game has been getting mixed reviews but the nice thing about it is that its free for the most part. So its great that you can try it out first before deciding on whether you want the extras or not. Sony really is trying their best to make PSN the best possible and I applaud them for it. PS+ is better than XBOXlive in some aspects which is great to see that soon they will make Microsoft incorporate the same services into XBOXlive in order to make it worth the 10€ a month fee.