SOCOM 4 and the SharpShooter Combine To Make The PlayStation Move’s First Killer App

Joel of DS writes, "Ever since E3 last year, we’ve had a huge interest in SOCOM 4 and the included PlayStation Move integration. While we noticed plenty of potential for the motion peripheral, especially when considering its true 1:1 nature, we were skeptical about how long it would take for “core” titles to pick up on what some would consider a “niche” or “casual” consumer device. Sony silenced everyone when they included it in Killzone 3 earlier this year where, thanks to the Sharpshooter controller, it worked pretty much as advertised. I think that with SOCOM 4 and the Sharpshooter controller, the Move finally has it’s 1st killer app."

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Chadness2517d ago

It's about time, that is all I'll say.

UNCyrus2517d ago

Third person shooters just make sense with the Move control scheme. It plays brilliantly.

MerkinMax2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

First and foremost, they are great pieces of hardware. I played through Killzone 3 on Elite with the Move Sharpshooter Bundle and had a blast. But when I just wanted to get a few games in online, I had a tough time competing (maybe I'm just not that good). I went back to DS3 for Online. Also, getting the controller out and using it takes effort. I'm not a lazy or out of shape person by any means but holding that baby up gets a bit tiresome.

They are great fun, but maybe Move just wasn't for me.

allenhpark2517d ago

I will admit, SOCOM 4 has me tempted to actually buy a Move.

Shok2517d ago

But Socom 4 wasn't created around the Move. It's just a game that SUPPORTS move.

Sorcery, that'll be the Move's killer app, and as I said before, all these games that support the Move is fine, but where are all the awesome MOVE GAMES - games specifically created for the Move?

macky3012517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

Why would it be specifically created for Move to be a killer app? If it plays better and it is more enjoyable (like Resi4 on the Wii),... I am sure a lot of games can be played with it and you have more fun,... I really enjoy shooters with it, golf... I hope Virtua tennis does it well also,.. I actually like that approach,.. at least people can enjoy the games, if they don't own it,..

The only reason Kinect shit is specifically created for it, is because it has no core gaming applicability whatsoever,.. (well dancing games are kinda core I guess) It is an Ir depth 30 fps eyetoy,..which is even expensive as shit,..

@waltyftm ,..
I really hope it does,.. I did not re-buy resi5 (gold) capcom - greedy bastards,..
I heard they did not use the trigger or some shit,..(I really don't remember if they did in resi4 on the Wii (or they did the same shit with A button to shoot) ,.. But the game was so much more with point and shoot,..and knifing barrels and shit felt so much more natural,..

waltyftm2517d ago

Interesting that you mention Res 4, I wonder if the Hd remakes will use move.

Shok2517d ago

I never said anything about the games not being fun. I was simply addressing the "killer app" part. Basically, Move's killer app should be a Move-specific game, not a game that just supports it.

Angels37852517d ago

Personally Killzone 3 and MAG with the MOVE have already been a blast to play with.

DeFFeR2517d ago

And KZ3 was already labeled the "killer app" for move - but dualshockers love them some hits - so they hope that no one notices that they aren't original.

Every shooter with Move capability will be labeled the "killer app" until the end of forever.

Game0N2517d ago

it must be...cos socom 4 feels very stiff with the dualshock so i guess it makes sense that it excels with the move

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