Arkham City: Setting New Standards for Batman and Comic Book Inspired Games Alike

Gizelle Money writes, "If you were a fan of Batman: Arkham Asylum in any way, then you definitely should be salivating at the thought of its sequel Arkham City. So many details have been revealed so far, such as an exciting new storyline with plenty of villain fanfare, fresh riddles and secrets that need to be solved, and an assortment of new moves, including interrogation, that look to make the experience all the more thrilling – make no mistake, you are Batman."

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Longsama2784d ago

Arkham Asylum already set a new standard by being the total package
-Good Graphics
-Awesome gameplay(all of which made sense and felt nice)
-Masterful camera work
-Phenomenal voice acting
-Variety of gameplay(stealth/predator, forensics, trail tracking, free flow combat)
-Excellent pacing(you're almost always doing something of importance)
Environmental Development(it doesn't even feel like there are levels, yet if u walked by some1 playing you'd kno exactly where they are in the story)
-Decent story(Good enough for us actually pay attention and care to see what happens next)
-Structured freedom( you don't feel caged, and you do have options, but at the same time you proceed down a decently linear story)