Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo Create Pipedream

Ever imagined what it would be like if Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo created a unified gaming architecture? This article describes the author's ultimate gaming system. Microsoft on the software, Sony on the hardware and Nintendo on first party games and Wiimote integration? It's all covered in this "fantasy" article.

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C_SoL3632d ago

the hardware is cool but overall i think your dream sucks.

Saint Sony3632d ago

Here, have a tit.

Seriously though, you are right. Hardware would be cool but microsoft or nintendo would not know how to make software/games for it. This would not work.

marinelife93632d ago

Sounds like the title to a Gay Porno.

He just basically built a computer. Congratulations how profound.

ChickeyCantor3632d ago

saint sony
you are a moron =/ really.
Why would it be something they cant understand?
if you work together you will be updated with all the know abouts for the hardware.
hell yes nintendo and microsoft could make games for it.

but hey i cant blaim you, you have Sony in your name =/.

Saint Sony3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

You read me wrong. It was a sarcastic comment to C_SoL.
He hints that the hardware = sony, is the only great thing in that Pipedream thingy.
What would be so great in it if none knows how to make stuff for it? Example: PS3 (devs struggling with it) ;)

HarryEtTubMan3632d ago

I dunno but it should be Nintendos name on top for... well I guess just being Nintendo and being first, Sony second for having the two greatest selling consoles of all time and making gaming truely mainstream(PS3 soon to follow maek my words) and Microsoft for making Windows. O wait tha's not console gaming is it? Well, at least they have Halo.

PopEmUp3632d ago

I wouldn't want M$ to make games/software cause they suck because it would be better for them to do all the marketing stuff like promotion(advertising), and also they are good at bribe media to keep the product going smooth, it would be nice to see Sony and Nintendo combine in the ideas of making first party games rather just Nintendo alone, Sony in the other hand can produce great hardware comfortably.

Saint Sony3632d ago

I assume you own a Mac ;)

green_ghost53632d ago

Microsoft has put out some damn good titles. They also happen to have some awesome exclusives on hand too.

The best in my opinion is Fable 2 of course!

bootsielon3632d ago

Last gen processor with next-gen RAM? LOL

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