The Agency was 90% finish should Sony release it?

We all know The Agency the MMO was Cancelled do to Layoffs at SOE, But Goodfellajay at just learn that the game was about done.

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Dart892781d ago

Yes release it i know i would buy it looks fun.

sinncross2781d ago

I guess DC Unioverse Online didn't quite have the sales they may have wanted.

But I agree... get rid of the monthly subsciprtion the game may have had and replace with a different payment model. On top of a PC and PS3 release, consider a port to the NGP.

darthv722781d ago

it should be released to try and recoup some of the development cost that went to making it.

I can think of two complete games that got canned and were released anyway (though not through the normal channels).

Half life on the dreamcast and propeller arena also on the dreamcast.

Propeller arena was pulled out of respect to 9/11 but half life....that one still irks me. It was gold and had packaging and everything. Valve had other plans I guess.

evrfighter2781d ago

At least stick a skeleton crew.on it. Or trainees

sinncross2781d ago

I don't , just trying to make sense of the decision to cancel the Agency.


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princejb1342781d ago

not until they feel like is actually ready to release
idc if its 98% done if they feel like is a boring game with many glitches fix it; i want to get my moneys worth

BlackIceJoe2781d ago

@ Sinncross Just to let you know DC Universe has been very good for SOE. They have said it has been one of their fastest selling game ever. So I don't think that had any thing to do with the Agency getting canned.

I hope Sony does release the game. This way you can get some money back.

kyl2772781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

of course, they may as well get some of the money back or at least sell of the IP to another company to recoup costs

DA_SHREDDER2781d ago

Jesus Christ, please help Sony find the way. I would play this over Socom 4 any damn day.

goodfellajay2781d ago

lol very true ima see what i can find our..also..hit the link and say u like the site..under read full story thx..

Godmars2902781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

Can only imagine that a 90% done MMO would be heavily bug ridden.

Though it would probably play better than FFXIV - zig!

But seriously, did people forget that this thing was suppose to be a paid MMO?

sorceror1712781d ago

Exactly. Software developers have a saying. "The first 90% of development takes 90% of the time. The last 10% takes the other 90% of the time."

Mmmkay2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

the game is as good as finished. it just doesn't work. the lacking 10% are all bugs they can't figure out.
reminds me of alpha protocol.....

Angels37852781d ago

There was some 360 fanboy on an earlier article trying to downplay ps3 exclusives by saying that THE AGENCY was the same as Rockstars AGENT and said that Rockstar was jumping ship on Sony.......that was the biggest LOL of my life

On topic: I would hope that this game would eventually see the light of day, It looked fun. Plus since it was almost finished it would be an inexpensive completion.

Mmmkay2781d ago

if anything, agent is the same as gta4b....

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