Xbox 360 ‘System Update’ Beta Confirmation Emails Sent, Check Status Now

If you registered for the beta program, emails will be going out later this afternoon, but you can skip that step and find out if you have been chosen by simply checking your status online.

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MGRogue20172809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

I'm in the UK & signed up earlier in the month, Just received this in mah' inbox.. :D

"Thank you for your interest in the Xbox LIVE Update Preview Program. Regrettably, you were not selected to participate in this round of the Xbox Preview Program. We encourage you to look for future program opportunities and hope that you will register at that time for another chance to participate.
- Xbox Preview Administrators"

lol, whatever.. well it was worth a try, I guess..

Tyler12102809d ago

You do realize it was US only right? lol

gdogg9792809d ago

yea thats what i was gonna say

darthv722808d ago

I'm sure my name is in there but hanging chads is what kept me out of the program.

Anyone who does get in...please tell us if the copy of reach you get is different than retail.

MGRogue20172808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

Of course I knew.. But I wanted a slice of the action.

I didn't want to miss out just because I live in a different country.. I don't think that's fair..

There's no reason whatsoever why I or any other UK citizen shouldn't be allowed to test the new dashboard...

m232808d ago


They have to send out those new discs to testers, its just easier to do it in US only otherwise they have to send out discs to UK and Canada as well. I'm on your side though, I'm in Canada and we don't get in the beta either/

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BLAKHOODe2809d ago

I got the same email.. and I'm in the US. I feel so denied!

taco_tom2372808d ago

i got into the disc update.....they are sending me the update on a halo reach disc ^_^

Brash_Attack2808d ago

I'm with you guys. We should start a fan-club

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shadowz1012809d ago

Yay! I'm part of the Xbox LIVE Update Audience! :D

militant072809d ago

if i got that message highlighted in yellow that mean i got accepted?

Wikkid6662809d ago

I would be interested to know who has what 360. Are they looking for specific participants. Slims vs Old Boxs, etc. Due to the drives being in the units.

If you got in let us know what you have and if you didn't get in what box you have.

I have a slim and got the axe.

B1663r2809d ago

I have the slim and I'm In!!!!

Captain Tuttle2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

I have an original and a slim but I used my original's SS#. The slim is for the kids.

Edit: I got in

Fragger2k82808d ago

I have a Slim as well, and I got in.

shadowz1012808d ago

I'm in with a Original xbox 360.

polow got sol2809d ago

Im confused because on his first link i see the quit option so does that mean i got in?? because his second link isnt working for me.

Fragger2k82809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

The weird this is, it is the opposite for me.

In the first link, the only 'Quit' I have for anything is the Age of Empires Online Beta, yet when I go to the second link, I'm able to access it and it says "YOU are in the Xbox LIVE Update Audience".

Actually, never mind. I went to "View Connect products currently accepting feedback" and I saw it in there, with Quit listed under actions. Hm.

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The story is too old to be commented.