IGN: The Top 25 Modern PC Games

The last decade of gaming has been pretty good, right? Check out IGN's list of the best 25 games for your personal computer.

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jony_dols2758d ago

I don't understand how a six month old article got approved as 'news'.

This was news back in September 2010.

smoothdude2758d ago

IGN and other news agencies generally will release an old article every now and then. I guess it is to help fill slow spells, but I have noticed that IGN will post old articles on their front page.

ugabugaz2758d ago

Ones I've played...

#23 - Call of Duty
#22 Portal - Getting to it this week
#20 Left 4 Dead
#19 Diablo II
#16 Bioshock
#10 Fallout 3 - Twice
#9 Team Fortress 2 - DOCTOR! MEDIC!
#8 Counter Strike - Honestly, Should be #1
#5 Star Craft II
#1 Obviously...

BeastlyRig2758d ago

You need to play Shogun 2 it's amazing!!

ugabugaz2758d ago

I shall check it out. It's possibly relevant to my interests.

Agent-862758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Seeing that StarCraft 2 is on your list, I can see you like RTS games. Then, you really should try Company of Heroes. It is my all time favorite RTS game and still holds up well to this day. COH has committed community that has developed lots of mods and maps that have continued it's long life. Hopefully, Relic will make a sequel soon (Dawn of War has certainly seen it's share of sequels and expansions).

ugabugaz2758d ago

I'll be sure to check it out. I love me some RTS from time to time.

Perjoss2758d ago

fantastic list!

Was specially happy to see System Shock 2 on there, as well as Team Fortress 2, Fallout 3 and Bioshock.

Snatcher2758d ago

The Witcher runs badly on my computer :S It's not my system specs, it's just the game. I tried D3Doverrider, it helped much, but I still experience stuttering :S