GAMERZ411 Ep 8: Media + Politics Attacking Games & Why They Need to Back OFF!

Jon Ireson writes: "In this episode we will cover a hot assortment of topics ranging from the potential FF7 remake for the NGP to Sony making moves that are less risky. The music was provided by Random AKA Mega Ran and Lost Perception I hope you enjoy.

In This Episode:

-FF7 HD Remake on NGP, Can a Handheld Handle Hardcore Gaming?
-WWE Allstars Impressions
-If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It – Changes in Game Franchises
-Sony Making Moves to be Less Risky? The Agency Cancelled, Focusing on DCUO & more EverQuest
-Media + Politics Attacking Games and Why They Need to F**k Off"

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Kreyg2808d ago

They won't back off until something else comes along.

As Cliffy B said, video games are the new Rock n' Roll

Hitman07692808d ago

#Epic #Winning At least we will stay in the spotlight! :)

Boody-Bandit2808d ago

Just got done listening to the show. Excellent show. Great flow and good work putting it all together. Can't wait till Thursday night.


Fire episode, we got it in.


It's gonna go up way quicker for this next episode.


These shows take way to long to make but I got the math down right so I will be able to drop it in a day or two after we record.

9thGenHero2808d ago

This show had great flow :)

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