Metroid: Other M Crosses A Million...

"We last looked at Metroid: Other M's game-play hours as they were reported on November 29. You can read that full report HERE.
How many hours have Wii owners spent playing Metroid: Other M in the last 127 days reported? Let's take a look!", says CoffeewithGames.

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Venox20082784d ago

I wish the best luck to this game, it's great.. sell, baby, sell! :)

the_best_player2784d ago

I got my copy on amazon for £10 new

Active Reload2783d ago

This is Great news! I love Samus!

CoffeewithChess2784d ago

Have any of you been playing Metroid: Other M in the last 4 months? If you just started playing it in the last 4 months, what do you think of the game?
I still haven't played it, but the lower price is tempting.

christheredhead2784d ago

if you like metroid you will most definitely like this game. people complained about the story and what not, but regardless its a true metroid game at its core. a ton of exploration, awesome combat, great weapons and boss fights, i mean..what more could you ask for?

the only thing that takes some getting used to is the controls. you have to switch back and fourth between wiimote sideways and pointing at the screen. it takes some getting used to but once you're familiar with how it works you wont even notice at all.

the game is like 30 dollars now and for that price id have to recommend it. seriously you should pick it up the next time you have some cash. its well worth it.

darthv722784d ago

you sold me on getting it. I was planning to get it at some point but didnt even know it came down in price.


Omega Archetype2784d ago

Yeah, gameplay is great, but the story (mainly Samus herself,) fall apart.

Who cares though, no one went into a Metroid game expecting a huge focus on story anyways, this time you're just forced to ignore almost everything story related, but no big deal.

I love the game and I think it's nearly time to replay it!

kesvalk2784d ago

i play this game almost every 2 weeks or so...

but as my avatar can tell, my opinion on metroid games are heavily biased...

Shok2784d ago

*Waits for someone to come in here and start talking about how they killed Samus*

mastiffchild2784d ago

IDK if that was ever the big issue. Sure, there was a divide over the way Samus was portrayed in Other M(and I'm a big critic of the story and acting AND character work in the game)but that was, mostly, down to a lot of people having only played Metroid games and others having read the manga etc(where Samus is more fleshed out, has more issues and isn't the silent badass all the time that gamer only fans had gotten used to.

If you come to Other M having only ever played the games I don't find it surprising if you feel, as I did, a bit let down and unconvinced by the Samus you find here-to me it makes all the feats she pulled off in the other games seem unlikely from this character. However, many people who'd gotten more into the whole Metroid universe saw it as pretty much fair enough in that regard-though nobody will ever convince me the acting isn't crappy! Anyway, you're right, to much has been mad of the issue and other games get away with just as bad, and worse without so much as a whimper.

To me the BIG problem with Other M was the controls-they just felt like they'd been shoehorned in that way to add a bit of awkwardness rather than doing it properly with decent game design. Too me the plan to stick with the SNES style two buttons and a D-pad was a bit of an error for a Wii game and the switch to the pointer bits, as a result, felt, again, just to me, as a bit cheap and tacked on. Had they stuck with one or allowed nunchuck and Wiimote properly I think the game could have been a belter rather than the bundle of good ideas, contentious script and misguided fanboy rage we ended up with.

Aside from it being a Metroid game, mind, it's certainly worth a play at current prices-even if it's, personally, my least favourite Metroid game yet,it's still a game with some great boss fights and great moments.

pcz2784d ago

that took a long time to get to a million.. well done though.

good game

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