Mass Effect 2: Arrival Review [GameRevolution]

"While we're crouched in our corners anxiously waiting and craving for Mass Effect 3 after playing through the consistently excellent Mass Effect 2 and its DLCs, Bioware has attempted to bridge both games with its latest and final DLC offering, The Arrival. Unfortunately, that effort is clumsy." - Eduardo Reboucas

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samurailincoln2814d ago

A "C",hmmm? Seems a bit low when compared with the other DLC. Must be one tough reviewer.

dbjj120882814d ago

Damn, wish this was better.... Kind of backing in to Mass Effect 3.

B1663r2813d ago

Im gonna take a wait and see on ME3, so much about ME2 let me down.

And I want to spend of time here complaining about day one DLC. Just imagine the most horrible and rotten things I could say about day one DLC, and thats what I would write, but Im tired from hauling lumber up stairs all day and I dont have it in me right now to creatively complain about it...

stormeagle62813d ago

Seems to be about the standard for DLC to me. Fun while it lasts, but too short and not worth the money.

Koolaye2813d ago

what a bummer! I love ME!

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