The Sony Witch Trials

At this point, I am physically exhausted. This McCarthyite witch hunt horrifies me. I never thought I’d live to see anything like it. You probably don’t think this matters to you, because you probably haven’t hacked a single thing in your life. But what happens next will have a cascading effect on not just gaming, but all technology to come.

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Shadow Flare2809d ago

"You don’t have an ownership right in the software that Sony Computer allows you to use. That’s it, the whole point of the license agreement: it’s not an ownership interest, it is a privilege that Sony conveys on them. And if these people violate the terms of that licensing agreement, they have no entitlement to continued use of a software."

Well said Sony

QuodEratDemonstrandm2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

That's it , right there. You own the hardware. That ps3 is yours to with as you please. If you want to play games, surf the web, watch movies, hang it from your ceiling fan, or use it as a doorstop, you're more than welcome to do just that. Paint it pink for all Sony cares.
HOWEVER, your ownership rights do not apply to the software: Sony's intellectual property. The only rights you have to the software are the rights that Sony allows you to have. The eula probably said Sony reserves the right to add or remove software features as they see fit. It is THEIR software, after all.

Could someone please find me a gaming journalist who knows the difference between hardware and software? They seem increasingly uncommon.

MysticStrummer2809d ago

Real gaming journalists are becoming increasingly uncommon, much less ones that know the difference between hardware and software.

Ethereal2809d ago

Been saying this since the first article hit the web. Thank God there are other people that have a brain.

kneon2809d ago

Never mind knowing the difference between hardware and software, how about finding a gaming journalist that can comprehend written English.

What the lawyers said was that if you have hacked your PS3 then you are not entitled to be part of the class action lawsuit.

NewMonday2809d ago

Like the modder Ben Heck who turned his PS3 into a laptop and other stuff, nothing wrong with that.

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blackburn52809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

The eagerness to put Sony in the hot seat is staggering.What they said there makes perfect sense but people still will try to spin it and throw it back in their face. The PS3 itself is yours but Sony gives you the privilege of using their resourses. Anything that threatens or violates those rights that they gave you is subject to extreme scrutiny. Just read the terms you signed. It's all there including their right to remove what they see fit if it becomes necessary to do so. You really should read these things before you agree to them. @ DanSolo I kind of see what you mean. But this what happens when you hang out with or facilitate people who are dishonest or lowlifes. You get caught in the whirlpool of what they do. It's just like the people who visited Geohot's website. If you truly were innocent you wouldn't have been there in the first place.I stated before that it would get ugly and to stay out of Sony's fight with the hackers. But you encourage them and complain when the negative things happen

lee_ten2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

yep, and everyone is obligated to follow that. if you break that agreement, you're placing yourself in serious trouble.

sony has that right to protect their software. i'm not sure why people want to see them burned at the stake when they're doing the right thing as a company.

liqahs15: you're kidding me, right? that's flawed logic.

Liuqahs152809d ago

The problem isn't whether or not Sony claimed the right to take features away in the first place; it's about whether or not that's even just. If you offer a job opening that's open only to Asians, even if you state clearly that all others won't get accepted, that doesn't make it right. Yeah you laid out the rules, but the rules aren't fair.

That's the issue. Sony's being unfair.

evrfighter2809d ago

it's been proven that Geohots psn account wasn't even his to begin with. So technically he never "signed" or "agreed" to anything.

Biggest2809d ago

No, it hasn't been proven. Some guy said "It was my account." He didn't prove it was his account. He didn't prove it was his PS3. He didn't prove anything. He said some things.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2809d ago

I would imagine that the pc that GeoHot used to hack the ps3 was a monster. Probably $2500-3000. If all he really wanted was homebrew, he could have paid $2k for a ps3 dev kit. Then his homebrew would be 100% legit. Might have even been able to sell it on PSN.

BK-2012809d ago

How many times does this have to come up, Geo wasn't the one who hacked the PS3.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2808d ago

Okay. I used the wrong name. The dev kit is still cheaper, and it's still 100% legit.

For future reference: who did hack the ps3?

BK-2012808d ago

I believe it his name went something along like Kakarotos or something.

barb_wire2809d ago

When the PS3 had the 'Other OS' (Linux) you could run all the homebrew and emulators/roms you wanted.. guess that wasn't enough for some PS3 users.

DanSolo2809d ago

Basically it is a case of balance....

Of course Sony are going to go after people hacking their product and affecting their profits. And that is understandable.

But on the flip side.... even if they have a right to do it, and if the person/persons they are going after deserve it... you have to be careful about the way the law drops on it. As law changes could potentially put too much power in the hands of the company and take away too many consumer rights.

It is a bit like after 9/11.... some laws had to be changed and it was understandable, but when they brought in the Patriot act they were able to use that to squeeze a few things in that would normally never have had a chance to get in... and that potentially at some future date could be expanded upon.

That is why prudence and balance are needed in any type of case that involves the law changing in some way!
Things might need to be changed... but you have to make damn sure that it is done in the right way!

All the people hysterically calling for hackers to be imprisoned, killed, and other increasingly stupid things need to realise that common sense and a certain amount of caution is necessary in these cases to insure the correct balance is kept.... and the same goes for the people defending geohot!

Liuqahs152809d ago

Very true, but Sony doesn't apparently care about balance. All corporations are, at the end of the day, run by a small group of people at the top. Those people at the top all, through their decisions, express a common interest. It seems Sony's interest is in destroying everyone who dares do anything they don't agree with.

Opinions and freedom don't matter. It's money or nothing else.

Dark_king2809d ago

Sony hasn't tried to destroy anyone.They could of got the feds involved in the Geohot incident but didn't.They have been pretty gentle in my opinion by making it a civil case.Steal from me and Ill break your hands not slap your wrist.

MysticStrummer2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

This person clearly doesn't know much about either the witch trials or McCarthyism. Equating this situation to either of those things is laughable.

kaveti66162809d ago

PS3 fanboy mantra: "All hackers are pirates and scum."

Sounds like McCarthyism to me.

"All Communists are evil and wish to destroy the American way of life."

"Anyone who doesn't agree with me is a dirty hacker or pirate."

"Anyone who doesn't agree with me is a Communist."

If Sony isn't practicing McCarthyism, its fanboys certainly are.

Biggest2809d ago

And PS3 fanboys are involved in this case. . . How again? But let's use your example against someone you know very well. You!

"All PS3 fanboys practice McCarthyisim"

Sound like McCarthyism to you?

kaveti66162809d ago

Actually I would say that.

All fanboys of any sort, including all PS3 fanboys, are worthless, insecure piles of dung.

And if you wish to call yourself a PS3 fanboy, Biggest, then that is your prerogative.

Fanboys are pointless human beings who choose a brand or team or some other capitalistically driven enterprise, and they live vicariously through it. They are unofficial cheerleaders, proverbial cocksuckers, blind loyalists, endless defenders of something or someone that holds them in absolutely no positive regard.

And if you wish to consider yourself a PS3 fanboy, Biggest, the that is your volition, and I can't tell you what kind of person to be. I will merely tell you what kind you are and hope your frontal lobes will grow a little.

Godmars2902809d ago

The difference between what's going on now and the Salem Witch trials, McCarthyism, is that the people being accused of witchcraft were practicing it, nor accused communist actively practicing communist doctrine.

You want an accurate comparison to what's going on with geohot and the like, try whack-a-mole: they're not being hunted, they're volunteering.

kaveti66162809d ago

Sony is doing to Geohot exactly what the US government is doing to Julian Assange.

Some Private in the military leaked tons of secret information and Assange disseminated that information through his website, Wikileaks.

Some hackers leaked Sony's code and Geohotz disseminated the information through his website.

There's no difference.

Geohotz is on trial for spreading information, not for hacking the PS3.

He didn't steal the code, but he's going to be charged for it because Sony doesn't know who stole the code and they can only point fingers at Hotz.

Does that seem right?

It's like what happened to the New York Times during the Nixon era when the newspaper found out that the US military was conducting bombings in a region they claimed they were not attacking.

Geohotz was ordered to cease and desist by taking the code off his website. He did that but a bunch of other people have mirrored the info onto other websites and Sony can't close them all down, so once again, their only option is to try and punish Geohotz to set an example.

This is a model example of a witch trial.

Biggest2809d ago

I'm sure you're using good ol' hyperbole with this one: "Some Private in the military..."

Anyone with half a brain knows that a low ranking member of anything won't have access to anything worthwhile. Who knows how certain information got out. It could have been a big mouthed official. It could have been stolen. Who knows? There happen to be laws against what Sony thinks George Hotz did. Sony is trying to prove that he broke the laws that they believe he broke. This is not like anything you're comparing it to. It is what it is. Leave it at that before one of your friends pops up with that stupid car analogy again.

Godmars2902809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

What's going on with Assange is crap, being accused of other crimes, but still he instigated the initial actions. Meanwhile Geohot's situation is also not only one he put himself into, but repeatedly did so. He created the reason Sony removed otherOS, then he jumped on the bandwagon once another exploit was found. He made himself a posterboy and put a target on his back for Sony's lawyers.

You want to make a proper comparison to the witch trials or McCarthyism, talk 9/11. The people who have been interned in Cuba based on little or no evidence and now will likely spend the rest of lives there, *THAT's* the freakin witch trials and McCarthyism.

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