Tretton Discusses Platform Pricing, PS3 Hitting Its Stride

PS3, according to one report, just passed the Xbox 360 in worldwide sales. The momentum for Sony's console hasn't been quite the same here in the U.S. where the Xbox 360, helped by Kinect, remains ahead by several million units, but Sony Computer Entertainment head Jack Tretton is more than confident in the PlayStation business.

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lee_ten2784d ago

...and making wallets broke too. xD

i'm happy to have a ps3. now all i need is to fix up my pc and i'm set.

darthv722784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

time and $$ are tight but I'm happy to have all 3.

edit: "Interestingly, Tretton said price isn't as important as we all think it is."

I would beg to differ. And the millions of consumers who bought the ps3 in greater numbers when the slim came out would also say otherwise.

malandra2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

it seems unlikely that it's happenned already, PS3 would've to have sold 2.8 million more than 360 on the first 3 months of 2011, and in 2010 it sold 2 million more in the whole year

it will most likely happen around the end of the year or early in the next but at this point it's pretty much irrelevant when it happens

what's more interesting is that it will happen years before the next gen starts, which means that the 360 will be last and far from its competitors when the next Xbox is release, even with its year head start

darthv722784d ago

if it does happen I dont think it will be as unsettling to MS as some would think. Remember that they are not only competing with each other but also with themselves.

PS3 is fighting a battle against the 360 and Wii and also its older sibling.

MS has surpassed the original xbox and to them that is quite pleasing. Leading with whatever number of consoles over the ps3 is moot at this point. They have secured themselves into releasing a 3rd console and becoming succumbed to the problems of releasing a 3rd system on the heals of a very popular 2nd.

MysticStrummer2784d ago

@darth - No it won't be unsettling to MS at all, but it will be to many on N4G. I love my PS3 and all, but Mr Tretton needs some new phrases. I think he's said the PS3 is just hitting it's stride multiple times in the last few years.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

''PS3, according to one report, just passed the Xbox 360 in worldwide sales''

Thought it was a joke from Aprils Fools when it was reported. But actually is a fact, thanks for the clearance.


ButterBomb2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Yup, I thought it was an April Fools as well because Gamestop has never been an authority on console install bases. Calling it a fact is ridiculous but hey run with it..
OT: I feel like the PS3 has been hitting it stride for a couple years now. Fantastic lineup.

Alpha_Gamer2784d ago

I don`t believe it was ever confirmed as an April fools joke. It was just an incredibly easy excuse to fall back on for the people who hated the news.

Though, if it was a joke, I never heard about a follow up.

Persistantthug2784d ago

The Real article produced by THE SUN HERALD was based off of ACTIVE or 'LIVE' units. Meaning, that the XBOX 360's broke so much and caused enough people to REbuy, that that's the reason for for their Total lead.

The joke was, was when some blog sites altered those stats and ran with "TOTAL PS3 SALES ARE LEADING WORLDWIDE"...That was the joke.

However, the real joke is, if you listen to blog sites and take them as actual news outlets, then the joke will ultimately be on to speak.

yewles12784d ago

It was not an April Fools joke, it was a misunderstanding. Total units sold have 360 in the lead by 3 Million, while the active install base has the PS3 lead by 500,000.

2784d ago
Alpha_Gamer2784d ago

@Yewles and Persistantthug

Yeah, that`s what I figured. I saw the original news as "active install base" then I saw people twisting that into "sales" by posting their stories on April 1st and then playing it off like PS3 fans got "duped" into a joke.

Damage control at it`s best.

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Mr Tretton2784d ago

Here at SCE, we focus on the gamer by creating an extensive line up of our own titles. Quality games survive the trends. When people get tired of flapping their arms, Sony will be there with the best in gaming.

Jump out, Play B3yond.

---Jack Tretton, CEO of SCEA

Masterchef20072784d ago

Yep one of the reasons why I love sony so much is that they provide us with some incredible titles to play.

BiggCMan2784d ago

I like Jack Tretton, he continues to entertain me every year at E3, he's a very good host. He also makes a very good point about pricing as well. Just because something is high priced does not mean it is doomed to fail. We all know this with the PS3, and other things like iPads etc... Just like he says, I think even if NGP is priced high, it will do well because there is much value to be found in it, and people know that. While $250 or $300 would be incredible, I don't think it will do bad at all if its placed at $350 or above.

mrbattle4202784d ago

yeah!!ngp will be way better than 3ds and is only like 50 dollars more for ngp so is worth it

negroguy2784d ago

Took a while for the programmers to understand the the PS3 but once they did it took off. Whenever the PS4 does hit it shouldn't be difficult like the PS3 since the so called rumors are that they'll just have a different version of the cell.

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