Mortal Kombat: Songs Inspired by the Warriors Takes on Your Eardrums

Mortal Kombat Music Disk (OST) contains 12 soundtrack...called "Songs Inspired By The Warriors"
Every MK fighter has his/her own theme song (MK I II III only).

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thethiny2808d ago to hear them

thethiny2808d ago

I'm trying to get you to hear them!

here are them:

krazykombatant2808d ago

ok then last time you put the wrong link. this time you put up the right 1

Obelisk922808d ago

... seriously?

C'mon this is Mortal Kombat, we need some kickass metal music. What is THAT?

I think they're awful. All of them.

krazykombatant2808d ago

I think all of the songs work great, I'm loving baraka's theme and Liu Kang's, Sub-zero's could use some work though.