Shift 2 Vs. Forza Motorsport 3 Graphics and Gameplay Comparison

SegmentNext - "Overall graphics look similar in this video, though Forza Motorsport 3 does a better job simulating the engine noise. Also the car movements in Forza Motorsport are faster when compared to Shift 2. That's my observation, what do you think ?"

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ps3bestever2810d ago

oops lol, shift 2 looks much better!

BK-2012810d ago

It runs at 30fps. For me GT5 is better than both in physics, track authenticity, and graphics.

BrianG2810d ago

While I agree that GT5 is my game of choice as well in those categories, GT5 was not in the article.

They did a GT5 and Shift 2 comparison the other day. Might want to check that article out instead.

JudgeDredd2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

Forza 3 still looks good even though its older than Shift 2. I can't wait for Forza 4.

Perjoss2810d ago

not only that, but in forza 3 if you tune your car 'too much' the other cars in the race will be more or less evenly matched, making all the races fun. In both GT5 and Shift 2 when you tune your car you win the races WAY too easily. In GT5 i was lapping other cars in races that were not even that long.

winflasher02810d ago

In GT5 there is a list that shows you your opponents cars, their HP, tires, and more. Plus there are ballasts and a power limiter that limits horse power.

BrianG2810d ago

I think Forza has the edge on this one.

But I do like the hands in Shift on the wheel.

RememberThe3572810d ago

They're both valiance efforts. I'm impressed by both. I know people will say that GT5 is better and all that but these games still hold their own. Both a visually impressive.

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