Rock Band 3 Drops To 20$ On All Systems

Harmonix just announced today that the game only version of Rock Band 3 will now be 20$ on all three systems, 360 Ps3 and Wii just in case you weren’t to sure on what we meant. This is great for anyone who wants to add another 82 song to their Rock Band Library. So next time your at Best Buy or Gamestop grab a copy and get ready for some Rockin’ Jams.

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antiAntag0nist2786d ago

That's awesome. I'm glad I held off on buying it.

Nizzy792786d ago

me too... and i'm still going to hold off lol

darthv722786d ago

the original RB gear will work with this version so I'm set.

Redempteur2786d ago

you still have to buy each peripherical , you know ...

Bundles are still the best option unless you have some instruments already ...

NarooN2786d ago

Why would they buy all the instruments? Not everyone wants them all.

Redempteur2786d ago

i dunno .. because it's fun to play with friends ?

NarooN2785d ago

What if you already have all the instruments from RB1 or 2, like me? I'm not buying anymore fucking instruments just to do it.

Redempteur2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

i have a rb1 battery, a GH3 guitar ,another no name guitar and 2 mics ( none official ) and the RB3 keyboard.

i bought these ones at a time, no bundles over several years .

But if you have nothing , it's better to get a bundle to try to find your playing style . i know several people who dislike the guitar and only play battery for example.

i was clear the first time ( dunno what is your point ) UNLESS YOU HAVE THE INSTRUMENTS ALREADY ( see my first comment) the bundles are a better deal.PERIOD

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Dac2u2786d ago

I just bought it for $28 off Amazon, should be here tomorrow. At least I didn't pay full price, though.

NarooN2786d ago

Lol RB2 costs more than RB3 now.

Myst2786d ago

Cool hopefully this gets me more people to play with.

BoNeSaW232786d ago

Rockband 3 is out??? Huh.