Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Devs Have 'No Prayer' of Regaining Control of Brand

Earlier this week, it was revealed that ex-Infinity Ward execs Jason West and Vince Zampella added two counts of fraud to their suit against Activision. The duo is also looking for a rescission of the Memorandum of Understanding agreement, and reportedly if they got a favorable ruling, they'd co-own the Modern Warfare brand, enabling them to release their own titles in the series. This is just never going to happen, insists Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter (who also has two law degrees and is licensed to practice in California).

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donniebaseball2782d ago

That sure would hurt Activision if West and Zampella could release more Modern Warfare games. I wonder when we're going to hear about Respawn's first game.

user8586212782d ago

should hear something at EA's conference at e3 hopefully

Reibooi2782d ago

I would think it depends on what they want their 1st game to be. If they were intending for it to be another Modern Warfare they obviously have to wait until this is all settled.

If not then I would bet a good 90% chance we either see or at least hear it mentioned at E3.

MorningStar2781d ago

Hopefully at E3. Don't forget guys EA doesn't OWN the game unlike Infinity Wards deal with Activision EA only publishes the games they have no control over them what so ever.

I would love to see them get back control of the game they made. If it wasn't for these two guys Call of Duty would never have been. They made the 1st game and then made a deal with Activision. People seem to think they sold out at MW2.

Gotta love the stupidity of some people "They need to suck it up and just make a new franchise or something." Yeah you go make the biggest game franchise have it taken away from you and $millions at the same time and move on and make something else. See how it feels.

IMO Pachter is a complete useless tosser. He loves to jump in and claim a load of crap and then thinks people take him seriously.

I have no doubts that West & Zampella will create something very special with Respawn. Most don't realize that these guys were apart of the original Medal of Honour (Honor) team. Back when it was a huge seller. They then left to create their own game and studio. Call of Duty / Infinity Ward. Every Call of Duty they made got GOTY.

So heres looking forward to E3 2011!

Kran2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

Must admit though. Those two sold out the CoD franchise to Activision. Once you've done that, you can't get it back unless it's given back. I mean, look at the Fallout MMO.

evrfighter2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

That's what happens when you deal with the devil. Chalk this up as a lesson in the school of hard knocks and focus on your next game.

Seriously this is really going to impair the creative development of Respawn/EA's game if they devote all this time to Activision.

their goal should be to get their money and then gtfo asap.

Kran2782d ago

They just want the franchie back because they know it's getting money.

They need to suck it up and just make a new franchise or something.

Dart892782d ago

I just wanna see activision get hurt xDDD.

MGRogue20172782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

Hold up... How in the hell did Pachter get involved in this whole issue?

the dude loves "dipping his fingers into other people's jam jars" or something..? Heh. Well, He's gotta' analyse something, I guess.

saoco2782d ago

he likes to double dip! nasty.

Dart892782d ago

*He's gotta' analyse something, I guess.*

Can he analyze the stupidity he throws out of his mouth??

sickbird2782d ago

Whatever, CODs popularity is at its peak. Its all downhill from here. One thing Activision is good at its running franchises into the ground.

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