Bach Says Battlefield 3 is Short but Sweet; Multiplayer to Drive us 'Crazy'

GameDynamo - "Bach clarified that “Our objective is not to create the longest campaign anyone’s ever known, but rather one that’s interesting, full of challenges and that’s as tough at the beginning as it is at the end”. In other words, to use one of my favorite colloquialisms: It’s not the size of the wand but the magic it possesses..."

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slavish32781d ago

excuses excuses excuses.... basicly you wont deliever in SP and the heart of the game is MP. aka homefront :)... don't b.s. us around like were dumb then say your sorry after the reviews come in

BeastlyRig2780d ago

You do realize that all the real BF games besides the spin off's never have sp do u?

slavish32780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

i played bf2 for 360 and it has a sp and so does this! So my comment is relevant.

Pandamobile2780d ago

Battlefield 2 wasn't on the Xbox 360. That was Battlefield 2: Modern Combat (another spin-off).

BF3 is the first time an actual Battlefield game is coming to consoles.

y0haN2780d ago


I wouldn't discredit the Bad Company series, it's earned its place as a Battlefield title. Doesn't compare to the glory days of BF2 though.

El-Fenemeno12132781d ago

If that's so. Then show us multiplayer footage.

Senden2780d ago

Can't believe they're even doing campaign. Some gamers might hate but how many people moan about sp games sacrificing resources for mp mode yet this is just in reverse. Battlefield has always been an online mp game and so it should stay.

Also LOL @ the guy who says he played Battlefield 2 on his console.. he sums up why battlefield released on consoles was a bad idea. Far too many console owners can't accept mp only games or at least in EA's eyes and in most ways, it's sad but true.