HDTV DisplaySearch panelists: High-def adoption 'will roll', albeit slowly reports:

Supporters of the HD DVD and Blu-ray high-definition formats attended the HDTV DisplaySearch Conference in Universal City, California, on Wednesday. Here are some data and figures that emerged from the conference:

* According to DisplaySearch, high-def standalone players currently comprise a 5% share within the total DVD player market.
* DisplaySearch predicts there should be about 1 million Blu-ray and HD DVD set-top units sold by year end.
* Hi-def players accounted for a 27% share of the overall market revenues for DVD players sold in August, a rise from the hi-def's 11% share between April 2006 and August 2007.
* Blu-ray and HD DVD movies have accumulated $150 million in revenue to date.
* According to NPD, just 11% of people surveyed planned to purchase a next-gen set-top within the next six months.
* Less than half of PS3 users are watching Blu-ray films.
* Upconverting DVD players command 27% of the market on a unit basis, dwarfing hi-def's 5% share.
* About 90% of hi-def player owners said they were extremely satisfied with their purchase.
* 54% of people said they did not want to go high-def because of the format war.

The full news story includes more data as well as comments from Sony, DisplaySearch, NPD, Warner, Pioneer, Blu-ray Disc Association, and Paramount.

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