CVG - Modern Warfare 3: A modern war too far?

CVG - A Modern Warfare 3 reveal could be with us as soon as mid-April if our friends over at PSM3 magazine know their bacon.

It's a ballpark that makes sense as well since Activision announced the previous edition of its now annual Call of Duty franchise, Black Ops, on April 30 last year.

Rumours from Official PlayStation Magazine UK back in February suggested that Modern Warfare 3 may contain at least some sections linking back to the past of popular character Ghost, a move which we picked your brains about at the time.

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goodfellajay2784d ago

never can go too far..imo..ima bad dude tho

TurismoGTR2783d ago

One day these customers will get it and realize there paying for the same shit they have been playing for years.

zeal0us2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

The same day buyers stop buy every new(old) apple product every year

Apple Products
-upgraded specs
-a few features(FACETIME!!!)
-oh yeh a camera or two

-upgraded graphics....nah not so much, textures still look kinda poor ever tried looking at the ground or wall?
-a few new perks&guns
wow they switch the order you get guns and took one or two away and added one or two new ones. Not to mention some guns been underpowered
-same old overprice dlc
yeh won't change long as Bobby Kotick is president/ceo/whatever he is

-needs a new engine or updated one
upgrade those graphics dammit
-More weapons
hell of lot more than black ops, mw2 and mw combine
-better security
don't need any hackers f-ing up the game or glitchers shooting for some ten-story building that you really don't suppose to be in
-A good ending
don't get me wrong mw1&2 had a good ending, I just don't want to be hit with a cliffhanger(assuming if I buy it).
-stable campaign
I shouldn't be lagging in campaign mode lol

-Mezzo-2784d ago

Don't care if it goes too far, just no "Old Crap New Wrap" stuff this time.

Mr Tretton2783d ago

COD can die for all I care.

Counter Strike2783d ago

so much awesome games coming out... i mean , Uc3 , Skyrim , ME3 , Resistance 3 , Gears 3 , Forza 4 ...

Who needs cod ?

qadsia1232783d ago

mw3 will be the best selling FPS of all time wether you like it or not! and the best!

MidnytRain2783d ago


"justin who?"

That really doesn't work here. That phrase is usually said when one wants another to repeat something for confirmation. That's unnecessary here as his words are typed on the page. Just read it again.

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